The New Moon in Cancer Is About Initiating New Beginnings—Here’s How Your Sign Embraces That Change

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The influence of the new moon in Cancer of 2021, occurring on July 9th at 9:16 p.m., ET, wants us to prioritize our self-care goals and emotional needs. The new moon happens when the moon and sun form an exact connection in the sky, indicating new beginnings and a fresh start. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, ruling the home, maternal energy, emotions, and is a nurturing energy. With the new moon in Cancer, we're prompted to enter a new reality that promotes self-preservation by releasing limitations and old structures in our reality that are no longer serving us, on both the collective and individual level.

Since the full moon in Capricorn on June 24th, many were faced with making a pivotal decision that centered around well-being and self care. This new moon in Cancer of 2021 is now an integration and forward movement of that energy. New opportunities, dramatic life changes, or shifts are now starting to manifest. This can feel like a time of positive emotional release as well, due to the moon being comfortable in its home sign. The overall energy of the new moon in Cancer of 2021 is positive, and it can provide nurturing through jarring times of change.

The overall energy of the new moon in Cancer of 2021 is positive, and can provide nurturing through jarring times of change.

The new moon is forming a powerful aspect called a trine with spiritual Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This connection is bringing a dose of reality and clarity on what should no longer remain in your life. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and when it moves backwards, it can reveal truths you may not have been able to face previously. There is also an opposition with the new moon in authoritative Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This also indicates breaking away from what’s oppressing you or not allowing you to feel aligned.

There is also the push to be the leader and actively initiate the right new direction for you. The sun and moon in Cancer are also forming harsh aspects to wounded Chiron in Aries. Transiting Chiron represents the collective wounding, and this has brought up challenges surrounding individuality. Now the new moon in Cancer of 2021 is activating this energy, bringing up uncomfortable emotions to trigger change. It’s time for you to take the reins and do what’s right for you.

Setting intentions is a powerful way to start off this new lunar cycle. Below, learn what the new moon in Cancer of 2021 holds for your sign, and get a magical affirmation to help you make the most of it. Write it down on a card and post it in a visible place in your home for empowerment. Read your sun, moon, and rising for a more holistic view of the month ahead. (Don't know yours? Run your birth information through an online generator like this one.)

What the new moon in Cancer of 2021 means for your sign, according to an astrologer


Your home, foundation, and life path is going through a new beginning. Perhaps you to move into a new home that is more in alignment with you. Regardless, as a result of this change, you also can liberate yourself from career burdens that are no longer an emotional fit for you. This is a time where you must be the leader in your life, Aries, and choose what’s right for you.

Your new moon affirmation: I am a powerful leader.


Communication is the focus for you, Taurus. This could manifest through taking back your power and advocating for yourself through your voice. Typically, you tend to keep the peace, but through certain realizations, you decide to articulate your needs.

Your new moon affirmation: I embrace my needs first. I use my voice to craft my reality through communicating my needs authentically.


Your money and earned income are deeply linked to your self-worth. This time is giving you a fresh perspective when it comes to this area of your life. An exciting new project could come along that’s more fulfilling, and creative, giving you an extra stream of income. Embrace this new beginning and remain authentic with your ideas. Ensure that you also ask for the compensation you deserve.

Your new moon affirmation: I am abundant and the universe always provides everything I need. I am a powerful creative.


The moon is the ruler of your chart, so the new moon is at home for you. This can leave you feeling deeply emotional, and also trigger ancestral themes to be healed. You are breaking away from old structures or what doesn’t serve your well-being. You are a cardinal water sign, and one of the leaders of the zodiac. This is a time when you will embrace this superpower to decide what’s right for you.

Your new moon affirmation: I honor and take comfort in my emotions. I am the leader in my life and stand up for what I need.


Your beliefs are going through tremendous change, and this new moon is initiating you to choose self-care and your health. Perhaps you have been burning the candle at both ends, and this time has taught you that it’s impossible to do that for the long-term. Now is a brand-new day, and you can initiate sudden shifts in order to be in alignment with your needs.

Your new moon affirmation: I deserve rest and self care. My well-being is just as important as my work.


Your hopes, dreams, and visions are becoming a reality. Intentions that you have set in the past and the work you have put in is now paying off. A new opportunity could come through a connection that helps put you on the path you’ve desired for yourself. This is a time when you can step into your truth creatively and release old ideas around the structure of your life.

Your new moon affirmation: I believe in my dreams. The universe will provide everything to support my future visions.


Your career and home life are the energetic focus. Not only is your home life shifting towards a structure that is in alignment with you, but so are aspects of your life path. Opportunities that are a result of your past work can present themselves now. Remember to navigate the shifts using your emotions and what feels right to you.

Your new moon affirmation: My home is my sanctuary. I honor my comfort and needs first.


A new creative project can provide a new beginning for you that may require travel. For some, the new moon can also prompt teaching or continuing your education in order to expand your skills. Another way this could manifest is a focus on fertility or children. Either way, this time can be soothing emotionally after releasing what has been stagnant for you for sometime.

Your new moon affirmation: I observe what is no longer serving me. I release what is restricting me, and am open to what nurtures me.


Improvements in health and work-related matters can occur for you. You may have been going through a challenging time in this area of your life, so the new moon in Cancer of 2021 can feel like a positive breakthrough. A financially restricting contract or agreement can also shift towards something more empowering for you. Now is a time to put yourself first.

Your new moon affirmation: My physical body is healing and becoming stronger by the day. I choose what feels right to me.


A new or existing relationship, either business or love, could manifest for you Capricorn. You could experience a deepening of emotions or finally come to new realizations about what you need from a partner. These new truths can give you the motivation needed to make a change. Choose who aligns with you authentically.

Your new moon affirmation: I embrace new relationships and only accept those who can hold a space for who I truly am.


Work is a major focus for you, and the universe is pushing you to decide what truly nurtures your well-being. The new moon in Cancer of 2021 is activating you to change how you work, your routine, and what has been limiting your growth. If you manage a team, changes can also occur with this. Choose who aligns with your naturally innovative spirit.

Your new moon affirmation: I embrace my growth and release others' restrictions of my unique spirit.


Creativity and self-expression are undergoing change for the better. If you have had longtime dreams or ideas that you haven’t initiated, now is a time you can do this. This is a powerful time of personal growth, transformation, and bringing your dreams down into reality. Fertility and parenthood can also be a focus for some Pisces.

Your new moon affirmation: My visions and ideas are manifesting in my reality. I accept these gifts from the universe and am open to change.

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