The Universe Is Encouraging Your Growth Through Sudden Change This Week

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This week’s cosmic energy is calling for innovation, pushing you towards your “discomfort” zone in order to initiate beneficial shifts in your life. On Monday, January 10, thought-provoking Mercury forms a powerful planetary connection with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. This aspect may lead you to identify the ways in which you are not emotionally fulfilled and motivate you to suddenly shake up the outdated structures you have unintentionally built for yourself. Growth can occur when there is room for it.

The next day, Mercury forms a challenging square with the planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus, in value-oriented Taurus. This energy may drive you to process any discomfort you’ve been feeling in your life, providing you with the internal spark you’ve needed in order to strike change. You may ask yourself, “Is this what I truly value? Am I feeling valued in this situation?”

Come 12 a.m., ET, on Wednesday, the new moon occurs at 23 degrees in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. The moon is in what is called its detriment in the sign of Capricorn, meaning that it can experience discomfort here. This irritation can act as a catalyst to emotionally release what does not serve you. This particular new moon in Capricorn provides ideal energy for shadow work, which can promote transformation through by bringing to light what is blocking your progress forward.

This particular new moon in Capricorn provides ideal energy for shadow work, which can promote transformation through by bringing to light what is blocking your progress forward.

Our vibration and frequency—or thoughts, feelings, and emotions—are largely what create our reality. We project outwardly how we feel internally, so it’s important to focus inward when a change needs to be made. When we call in abundance for setting intentions, it’s also essential to focus on our energy and how we feel. Self love is essential for raising your frequency. As you radiate out, the outer reality responds with the same abundance you feel inside.

The new moon in Capricorn is also powered by transformative Pluto in Capricorn and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. This new lunar cycle creates the ideal moment for a scripting ritual that can help you delve into what exactly you need to release. During the balsamic phase, the night before the new moon, take a moment to reflect and release. Use a journal and answer these prompts below in first person:

  • Where in my life am I feeling friction and discomfort both on an energetic level?
  • Where am I feeling this in my physical body?
  • How has this situation made me feel?
  • What about changing this makes me afraid?
  • What from my past is triggering these emotions?

The answers to these questions likely double as what you want to release. After you've written them down, take time to meditate on them for 15 minutes, allowing yourself to feel and integrate the emotions. Visualize in your mind that you are releasing each answer into the cosmos, and send them love. Afterward, take the piece of paper out of your journal and in a fire-safe way, burn it (or otherwise destroy and dispose of it).

As the week comes to a close, Uranus turns direct in the sign of Taurus after being retrograde since August 15th of last year. The Capricorn sun will also activate the planet of change and transformation, Pluto. The forward movement of Uranus is a cosmic catalyst, and you may start to experience sudden shifts in your life. So, go with the flow and expect the unexpected. Uranus and Pluto both are powerful planets that seek authenticity; they must align with their truth, and they are pushing you to do so, too. Adama Sesay

Adama Sesay is an NYC-Based astrologer and founder of, which is dedicated to empowering people who identify as women. In addition to writing and creating astrological video content, Adama teaches webinars and offers private readings. 

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