New Moon in Aquarius: What It Means in Astrology and What You Can Expect

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Any new moon can channel a fresh start, astrologically speaking. But a new moon in the forward-looking sign of Aquarius can really have you whipping out the vision board or dusting off your planner. As an air sign (read: highly cerebral sign) ruled by the planet Saturn—which is all about the limitations of time and space—Aquarius is associated with giving form and shape to innovative ideas. And you could feel similarly inspired to create or act on a big new vision under a new moon in Aquarius.

Better yet if that vision can, in some way, support your personal community or do something positive for the common good, as Aquarius is also the sign of social circles and collectives. (After all, it's associated with the 11th astrological house of friendship.) In particular, a new moon in Aquarius can have you forming new relationships or teaming up with people who share some of your goals or ideals, or connecting on a deeper level with the people already in your network. (And if you’ve been feeling under-appreciated by certain friends, this is also an opportunity to set boundaries and protect your time and peace.)

A new moon in Aquarius can have you forming new relationships or teaming up with people who share some of your goals or ideals.

Aquarius is also intimately aware of what lies beyond the societal status quo, which makes a new moon in the sign an aligned time to speak up for systems or acts of injustice and to (re)connect with the power of your words. At its heart, Aquarius is concerned with progress and innovation, and isn’t afraid to push outside its comfort zone. So any new moon in the sign will also encourage you to go ahead and take a risk. Consider how you might use your position or privilege to leave a lasting impact.

When is the next new moon in Aquarius?

The most recent new moon in Aquarius occurred on February 9, 2024, and the next one is on January 29, 2025. (A new moon in any given zodiac sign typically occurs once a year, with the full moon in that sign happening roughly six months later.)

What is a new moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A new moon happens when the sun and the moon align in the same zodiac sign, and the moon sits between the Earth and the sun, forming a straight line. It occurs once a month and marks the beginning of the lunar cycle—which is, energetically, a time for renewal.

A new moon also appears nearly black, as it blocks out the light of the sun behind it (from our perspective on Earth). As such, this moon phase is also when the night sky is darkest—and in astrological terms, when we're asked to embrace our instincts and intuition. As a result, you may feel more tired or self-reflective than usual during a new moon. It symbolizes the end of an old cycle and an opportunity for us to let go of what no longer serves us, which can be an emotional and exhausting process.

As we release, however, we also create space for new opportunities to find us. Because of this, new moons are considered lucky times to set intentions, perform rituals or spells, or call in desires. When you do so, visualize where you would like to be in six months (when the full moon in the same zodiac sign will occur). Get specific: What and whom do you see around you? What are the habits you keep as this future version of you? As the moon’s light grows over the course of the following few weeks, your new-moon intentions can also grow in power and scope.

Since a new moon is all about listening to your intuition, there is no wrong way to work with its energy. Consider turning inward and asking your spirit team for a sign (in your dreams or waking life) about your next step.

If you're looking for guidance on how to embrace the power of a particular new moon, it's helpful to consider the zodiac sign in which it occurs and the connections it may form with other planetary transits occurring at the same time. While some new moons are ideal for manifesting love and abundance, others are better aligned for releasing old and outdated patterns or behaviors. To dive into the energetic details of any particular new moon, you'll want to read your horoscope for that lunation.

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