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What the Action-Oriented New Moon in Gemini Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

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A new beginning arrives on May 30 at 7:30 a.m., EDT, with the new moon in Gemini. This new moon is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is currently retrograde. New moons in Gemini ask us to open our minds in new ways, often serving as a time to reflect on your communication skills, learn a new hobby, sign up for a new class, or share information. You may also be reflecting deeper on your social circle or close friendship under this lunation.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, and Mars, the planet of motivation and drive, are both situated in headstrong Aries during the transit and are sending supportive energy to the new moon in Gemini. You may feel inspired to take action now on new projects you're considering. Before you dive in, though, consider the ruler of this new moon: Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, and it is retrograde in Taurus, forming a tense conversation with Saturn, the planet of restriction. So while the influence of Jupiter and Mars may lead us to feel a surge of energy during the new moon in Gemini and be more than eager to green-light our ideas and whims, Mercury and Saturn ask us to slow down and think practically.

During the new moon in Gemini, you may feel inspired to take action now on new projects you're considering.

A productive use of these conflicting energies is to tap into the excitement of the lunation by creating a plan. The full moon in Gemini may not serve as the best opportunity to execute on plans full-steam ahead, but you can take small steps in the right direction with a thoughtful roadmap.

Mercury will also form a sweet angle toward healing Neptune, which will inspire creative solutions and remind us to be gentle with ourselves. And since, again, this new moon is ruled by Mercury retrograde, you can track which conversations and themes are coming back up for a redo. Think back to April 26, the last time Mercury was at this exact position in the sky. Scroll through your texts or photos on your phone to track what and who was capturing your attention that day. This new moon in Gemini is a chance for revision—a fresh perspective and new layer of information.

Read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for a deeper understanding of how this new moon will impact your birth chart. Then, get a bespoke self-care tip to make the most of the energy.

How the new moon in Gemini stands to affect your zodiac sign


Activating your third house of communication and siblings, this new moon in Gemini reminds you that your thoughts and ideas matter, Aries. What you decide to share today, how you decide to share it, and with whom you decide to share it  all matter. Open dialogue can create a renewed confidence within you. This is also an opportunity for a fresh start with siblings and extended family if you’ve been going through ups and downs. Your verbal bravery won’t go unnoticed.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Develop a journaling practice. Whether it’s every day or once a week, this is a potent time for you to develop a deeper connection with your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. You may be surprised by what comes through, once you give your entries a re-read.


You have the opportunity to change how you think about money. The new moon in Gemini is situated in your second house of income and resources, igniting an inner dialogue about abundance and scarcity. Which is your default? This is a powerful time to manifest new financial opportunities or reset your relationship with your own money. It’s time for a start fresh.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Practice reframing money as energy and linking it with gratitude. It is an energetic currency that you have the privilege of using. Every time you pay a bill, send gratitude and thanks to the universe for having the resources to do so. This will start to rewire your ingrained thoughts about money and release fears of scarcity over time.


Who do you want to be in the world? The new moon in Gemini can serve as a cosmic wake-up call to you to embody that version of yourself. If there are pieces of your hopes and dreams that make you uncomfortable to name, now is the time to release your doubts and self-criticism. This new moon in Gemini takes place in your first house of identity and sense of self. It’s a rebirth for you and an invitation to sink deeper into your authenticity and to pursue your wildest dreams.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Plan a photoshoot. Whether you hire a photographer or get a friend to help out, invest in yourself and embody a future version of you. Dress how your future self wants to dress and play make believe in the photos. This is one way to manifest a new reality and new version of who you are.


Inviting in more stillness will bring massive rewards. The new moon in Gemini opens up your 12th house of closure and solitude. You may feel burnt out and exhausted from work. This energetic low is a reminder that you are human and living an embodied life and experience. This lunation asks you to reflect deeper on your relationship with your rest cycle. How much more could you enjoy your life if you prioritized your body’s needs?

Your new-moon self-care practice: Consider trying breath work to move through and release any residual stress that’s been stored in your body. Working with your breath, you can call in new thoughts and realities, and release what’s no longer serving you and your mental world.


Don’t be afraid to dream bigger, Leo. The new moon in Gemini activates your 11th house of hopes, dreams and community. This fresh start asks you to revisit your dreams. Do you have dreams that you’re afraid to name? That feel unattainable? This is your reminder that nothing is out of your reach. You may also feel your social circle buzzing with possibility. Perhaps you can’t keep up with your text messages. This is an opportunity to make new friends or join new communities with people who share similar values.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Take a risk and join a group. For example, if you were a dancer growing up and miss the community, try a local Zumba class. Following your interests and passions will lead to worthwhile connections.


If you could use a little boost in your career, this new moon in Gemini delivers that opportunity, Virgo. If work’s felt stagnant, now is the time to manifest a new opportunity or new role. This lunation moves through your 10th house of career, reputation, and legacy. It may have you reconsidering whether you’re feeling fulfilled in your current role. This is a time of realignment and refinement. If you’re feeling under-appreciated, perhaps it’s time to begin again. You deserve respect and recognition for your gifts.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Create a vision board. Where do you want to be in six months? Six years? Cut out images and words that make you feel like you’ve lived up to all of your dreams and expectations. Call in a new reality where you’re fulfilled and recognized for your unique contributions.


Your world could use a little shakeup. Moving through your ninth house of adventure, perspective, and higher learning, this new moon in Gemini reminds you of the expansive possibilities of the universe. This is a powerful time to sign up for a class or course that could bring you personal or professional fulfillment, or for reconsidering new perspectives that you may want to adopt. Travel may also be on your mind—it’s an aligned time to plan a trip.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Take a class, whether that means going back to school in a big way or signing up for a knitting class at your local community center. Spend your time igniting your mental faculties and learning something new.


You have the opportunity to release an emotional burden. This new moon in Gemini activates your eighth house of fears, your psyche, and transformation. If you’ve been considering working with a therapist, this is a great time. Your commitment to working through any fears of shared intimacy will lead to a drastic shift in your psychological well-being. This lunation reminds you that it is okay to not be okay, and asking for help is normal and important. Lean on those you love most.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Write out a list of your fears. What makes you nervous? What’s your worst-case scenario you can’t seem to let go of? Writing them out and naming them will allow you to approach them with a new perspective. The act of naming them will automatically eliminate some of the fear you associate with them.


Things may be heating up romantically with someone serious. If you’re wondering if it’s time to commit, the stars are aligning in your favor to give this relationship a try. New commitments are made as the new moon moves through your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. If dating isn’t on the top of your priority list, you can find supportive connections and business partners to help you succeed in a creative or personal venture. Connection is key.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Share your feelings with someone you love. Practice open and honest communication, whether it’s with a romantic connection or a BFF. Sharing vulnerably with a loved one will make it easier to stand up for your needs in other situations when necessary.


You’ve got your daily routine down to a science, but even the world’s most successful people are open to a little revision now and again. The new moon in Gemini activates your sixth house of routines, work, and health. This is a powerful time to make big changes through little shifts and habits. What can you change in your current daily routine to invite in more support for your mental health and personal life? This is a cosmically aligned time to kick bad habits to the curb and manifest a fresh start, too.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Find a new healthy habit and see if you can stick with it for 21 days. Whether it’s stretching your body in the morning or adding a side salad to your dinner every night, do something that prioritizes your mental, physical or spiritual health.


Romance is on your mind. Lighting up your fifth house of sex, pleasure, and creativity, this new moon demands you integrate more fun into your life. If you’re open to dating, now is the perfect time to start fresh and create a new profile. If you have a creative project you’re hoping to birth into the world, what have you been waiting for? Now is the time to follow your passions and be present.

Your new-moon self-care practice: What was your favorite creative outlet when you were a kid? Did you like to paint? Sing? Dance? Revisit those practices as they will spark some creative innovation within you.


Your focus turns internal with this new moon in Gemini. You may be on socializing overload and be craving a little extra rest and solitude. This lunation also delivers a fresh start to your fourth house of home and family. If you’re considering starting a family or adding to it, this moon is a great time for those types of discussions. If you’re thinking about moving or finding new roommates, now is a great time to begin the process, as well.

Your new-moon self-care practice: Reorganize a part of your home. Call in fresh energy by moving around furniture or redoing a part of your room. This will remove stagnant energy and liven up your safe space.

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