The New Moon in Leo Asks Us To Reinvent Ourselves in a Bold, Authentic Way—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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What is Leo season without a little drama? Sure, we’ve made it halfway through Venus retrograde already, and we’re on the heels of a heart-warming Venus cazimi, but don’t get too comfortable just yet. This month’s astrology is about to get a little more electric, shocking, and disruptive with the new moon in Leo on August 16 at 5:38 a.m. EDT. This lunation asks us to recenter ourselves in our narrative and recommit to our own hero’s journey, needs, and desires.

If you’ve found yourself focusing primarily on what other people think about you and your ideas over the past few months, this is your cosmic invitation to turn your attention back on yourself. The new moon in Leo is ideal for tuning into your heart space (the part of the body over which Leo rules), reigniting your authentic fire, and rebooting your relationship with self-love.

What is a new moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A new moon occurs when the sun and the moon align in the same zodiac sign, and the moon sits directly between the Earth and the sun. It happens once a month and marks the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle, giving the lunation its association with a period of renewal.

The new moon is also the time when the night sky is the darkest (the moon is nearly black, blocking the light of the sun), and as such, we’re asked to embrace our instincts and intuition. Energetically, you may feel more tired or self-reflective than usual. As the new lunar cycle begins, we’re also closing out an old cycle and releasing what no longer serves us. This can be an exhausting and emotional process as we learn to surrender, trust, and let go.

New moons are considered auspicious times to set intentions, perform rituals or spells, or call in desires or manifestations.

As we release, we also create space for new opportunities to find us. Because of this, new moons are considered auspicious times to set intentions, perform rituals or spells, or call in desires or manifestations. When you do so, visualize where you would like to be six months from now (when the full moon in the same zodiac sign will occur). Get specific: What and whom do you see around you? What are the habits you keep as this future version of you? As the moon’s light continues to grow over the course of the next few weeks, your intention will grow, too.

Since a new moon is all about listening to your intuition, there is no wrong way to work with this energy. Turn inward, and ask your spirit team for a sign (in your dreams or waking life) about your next step. Trust that the universe will show up for you in divine timing, remain curious, and get ready to be surprised as your intentions come to life over the coming months.

It’s important to note that every new moon has a different energetic signature based on the sign in which it occurs and the connections it forms with planets in the sky. Some new moons are ideal for manifesting abundance and love, while others are powerful for releasing old and outdated patterns or behaviors. You’ll want to read your new moon horoscope to learn more about the specific energy of each new moon with which you decide to work.

What is the meaning of the new moon in Leo in 2023?

This year’s new moon in Leo forces us outside of our comfort zone. We may also feel like our identity undergoes rapid growth or evolution thanks to the sun and moon forming an exact square with Uranus, the planet of liberation, sudden events, and innovation. Leo energy is already known for its confidence and swagger, but there is an added level of boldness to this new moon as Uranus urges us to take risks and break free from old ways of being.

Leo energy is already known for its confidence and swagger, but there is an added level of boldness to this new moon as Uranus urges us to take risks and break free from old ways of being.

The fresh-start vibe of this lunation could also prompt a sudden or drastic change of heart related to our personal goals, relationships, or the way we choose to express ourselves in the world. As a fire sign, Leo is passionate and creative, and thanks to its fixed nature, it’s also able to sustain that fiery energy for time to come. That means whatever new direction, person, or thing we might commit to now has the potential to have a long-lasting impact.

The new moon will also be sitting very close to Venus retrograde in Leo. Although Venus just experienced a temporary moment of reprieve during the Venus cazimi, the planet of love and relationships will once again be weakened by the sun’s strong rays. Coupled with the nearby new moon, this could trigger a few twists, turns, or speed bumps in our relationships.

On the same day, communication-oriented Mercury and aggressive Mars will be inching toward each other in Virgo, which may have us ready to make an impulsive decision. Words might come across as especially blunt or direct today, and they have the potential to sting. On the bright side, we may be on the brink of an innovative idea. Mercury will head retrograde a few days after this new moon, which may lead to some delays or setbacks. Trust that any ideas that surface under this new moon in Leo will benefit from slowing down and reassessing.

To get a full picture of how this high-octane energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more ease.

What the new moon in Leo means for your zodiac sign


Your passion and creativity are at an all-time high, Aries. The new moon in Leo lands in your fifth astrological house of pleasure, play, and romance. You may be kicking off a new creative venture or picking up a new hobby or activity that brings you joy. (This is also an aligned time to make a bold investment in one of your existing projects or ambitions.) At the same time, this lunation could mark a fresh chapter in your romantic life, either reigniting the spark in a current connection or bringing a new lover into your life.

Your new moon self-care practice: Think about what hobbies or creative pursuits brought teenage-you joy. Make time for one of those activities over the next few days. Choosing to consciously cultivate more joy in your life will bring you closer to what you desire.


You’re ready to release the past, Taurus. The new moon lands in your fourth house of home, family, foundations, and generational patterns. You may be in a more sensitive or private mood as you reflect on your personal life and the family dynamics that have shaped your identity. Today, thanks to Uranus, you are gifted an opportunity to redefine and liberate yourself from outdated patterns that cause more harm than good. This may also mark the beginning of a fresh chapter regarding your living situation.

Your new moon self-care practice: Go through your home, and do a deep clean-out. It’s time to clear the clutter and make more physical (and energetic) room for fresh energy. Removing items that you no longer use can feel restorative and breathe new life into your place of comfort.


You’re ready to really express what’s been on your mind, Gemini. The new moon illuminates your third house of communication, learning, curiosity, and your relationship with siblings and extended family. Today, you may experience a significant shift in your mindset, allowing you to break free from old beliefs that have been keeping you distant from your desires. You may also learn some shocking or unexpected information, or change your perspective based on a conversation with friends or family members.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take the time to journal. What are you feeling internally that you haven’t felt ready to share with others? Get it out on a piece of paper. There is no rush to share, but just being able to read it back to yourself may feel validating and bring you closer to deciding on your next steps.


A new financial chapter begins for you today, Cancer. The new moon lands in your second house of income, resources, comfort, and livelihood. You may learn about a new job opportunity, promotion, or raise. This can coincide with you reworking your budget or perhaps making a purchase that you’ve desired for some time.

This is also a cosmic reset for your self-esteem, allowing you to become more aware of your unique talents, gifts, and what you bring to the table. With innovative Uranus so heavily involved in this lunation, you may also receive some unexpected support for some of your goals or dreams for the future.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reflect on your relationship with abundance, and consider how you might cultivate a gratitude mindset. Take a moment to appreciate a full fridge or being able to pay off your phone bill. You may also consider donating some of your time or resources to a mutual aid fund or organization of your choice.


You’re ready to reinvent yourself, Leo. This new moon moves through your sign—aka your first house of identity, personal goals, and beginnings. This is an important time for you to evaluate how you're showing up in the world. Does it feel authentic? Thanks to Uranus’s involvement with this moon, you may feel ready to shock your fans and re-establish yourself in a bold, new way.

You could also experience major, unexpected shifts related to your public reputation or career. As a result, you could find yourself setting some ambitious goals. As long as your desires feel aligned, aim as high as you can imagine.

Your new moon self-care practice: Dress up as your future self. Think about who and where you want to be in an ideal world. How would that version of you carry themselves or self-express? Embody that version of you now by using your style as your magick wand.


You’re on the brink of a major breakthrough, Virgo. The new moon illuminates your 12th house of closure, solitude, healing, and spirituality, marking a fresh chapter for your relationship with your subconscious mind. Important intuitive messages could arrive if you slow down long enough to listen. This is also a powerful new moon for shedding old beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you, which can be an emotional process. Listen to your body, and take action based on what it’s telling you.

Your new moon self-care practice: Practice saying "no"—especially if something doesn’t feel like a full-body "yes." Honoring your boundaries and protecting your time and energetic investments will help ensure that more aligned opportunities come your way.


You’re ready to make your dreams a reality, Libra. This new moon activates your 11th house of hopes and wishes, community, and friendships. Unexpected support may arrive for some of your goals; perhaps someone in your circle is ready to invest in one of your ideas.

You may also experience a sudden shift in one of your friendships, whether through an occurrence that deepens your bond or finally allows you to address some unhealthy dynamics. This lunation can also coincide with you setting new goals, networking with people of influence, or starting up a transformational new partnership.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take one step toward a goal or dream you have for the future. Send a pitch email. Buy that fancy microphone, if you’re starting a podcast. You may be surprised at how a single step can propel you in the right direction.


Exciting developments are unfolding on your life path, Scorpio. The new moon lands in your 10th house of career, public reputation, and major life milestones. Surprising shake-ups could take place at work or in an important collaborative partnership. Maybe you learn about the contract of a lifetime, or a manager leaves your place of work, making a new position available to you. Others may be especially aware of your gifts today, so use this magnetic energy to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you desire.

Your new moon self-care practice: Think about some of your dream business collaborations. Send an email to that company, brand, or person. This new moon reminds you to expect the unexpected, and it’s an aligned time to be bold and shoot for the stars.


You’re ready to fill your days with adventure, Sagittarius. The new moon moves through your ninth house of expansion, travel, education, and perspective. And it may come with an opportunity to share your expertise or wisdom on a larger scale—perhaps through podcasting, publishing, or speaking at a conference. Or, perhaps you get the opportunity to begin traveling for work.

Overall, you could feel like you have a new lease on life. Conversations that take place today can remind you that life is best lived through experience, and you’re ready to invite more risk into your daily life.

Your new moon self-care practice: Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and commit to learning a new subject, language, craft, or sport. As your mind expands, so does your potential.


You’re ready to break free from what others think of you, Capricorn. This new moon moves through your eighth house of vulnerability, shared resources, fears, and anxieties. Paired with Uranus’s liberating energy, it's asking you to release old ways of being and thinking in exchange for a raw, transformative experience. This is a wonderful time to experiment with your creativity and let go of others' expectations. As you confront some of your deeper and darker emotions, profound healing can take place.

Your new moon self-care practice: Try a cord-cutting exercise to energetically break ties with a person, place, or situation you are ready to release. Practice this nightly until your connection with this person or thing feels distant and light.


New and exciting bonds are forming for you, Aquarius. The new moon illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, collaborations, and contracts. This can mark the beginning of a new relationship or chapter in an existing relationship. It’s also possible that new opportunities to collaborate professionally may arrive.

Because of Uranus’s influence, you may feel the need to change up your relationship dynamics, ditch any codependent behaviors, or finally address certain realities of a current or past connection that have long been brushed under the rug.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reflect on the five people with whom you spend the most time. Does their energy leave you feeling energized or depleted? If you're not getting back from these relationships what you're pouring into them, have a conversation about your needs and expectations.


You’re ready to make an exciting change to your daily routine, Pisces. The new moon activates your sixth house of habits, responsibilities, and health. With Uranus’s renegade influence, this is a fertile time for clearing habits from your routine that no longer serve you and integrating new ones that support the life you ultimately wish to lead.

You may also be starting a new project or devoting substantial energy toward a new responsibility. Be sure to avoid overcommitting or overworking around this time, which is more aligned for establishing a new work-life balance.

Your new moon self-care practice: Pick one habit you wish to add to your daily routine—whether that’s reading, walking, engaging in a hobby, or something else—and begin prioritizing time for that habit in 10-minute increments each week until it becomes a seamless part of your life.

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