The New Moon in Pisces May Bring a Touch of Magic—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The new moon in Pisces on March 2 at 12:34 p.m., EST, functions like a portal of endless opportunity because it occurs when the sun, Jupiter, and Neptune are all also in intuitive Pisces. This sign, often called the empath of the zodiac, operates from a place of compassion and understanding, inviting us to root for the underdog, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and find beauty in the mundane. As a result, this Pisces new moon is a period of heightened intuition. While new moons, in general, symbolize new beginnings and are often linked with manifestation work, this particular lunation is fertile, thanks to the Piscean energy.

This new moon takes place at 12 degrees of Pisces, so if you have any planets or placements in your chart around 10 to 15 degrees of any mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), you will likely feel this lunation the strongest. Additionally, the sun and moon in Pisces are forming a supportive angle with Uranus, the planet of swift change and breakthroughs, allowing for a higher octave of our intuition to activate. To wit, we can expect our minds to be directed to new areas where innovation can strike. And because this new moon also coincides with Jupiter in Pisces, the expansive planet will lend this day a healthy dose of luck, opportunity, and optimism, too.

In the days just before the new moon, consider reflecting on what you can let go of to create space for something new in your life.

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces can also be about release and letting go. In the days just before the new moon, consider reflecting on what you can let go of to create space for something new in your life. Pay attention to signs from the universe and loved ones, as you may feel guided in a particular direction.

To get a full understanding of how this energy will affect your birth chart and life, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to make the most of this day.

What the new moon in Pisces means for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer


This lunation invites you to rest and recalibrate, as it occurs in your 12th house of the inner psyche. This is a powerful time to journey into your mind and subconscious, and to look out for any messages or signs you may stumble across in your dreams or waking life. Remember: You have the power to reflect on any self-defeating behaviors and break free from harmful patterns.

Your new moon self-care practice: A wonderful way to rewire any limiting beliefs is through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping. This involves pressing strategically on certain pressure points in a way that can calm the central nervous system.


This fresh start takes place in your 11th house, which represents friends, community, benefactors, and your hopes and dreams. If you have something you’re eager to achieve or begin, but you’ve been resisting because you’re uncertain what others will think, now is the time to release that. You can feel confident stepping into your power and claiming your desires. Friends and colleagues may also guide you toward mini-miracles on your path at this time.

Your new moon self-care practice: Being in community is what will bring you a sense of safety. Make time in your schedule to align with like-minded colleagues or friends for emotional support.


Your career and reputation are on display under this lunation, which activates your 10th house of work. When you take this time to reflect on what limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and your job, you could enhance your ability to discover more aligned work.

Your new moon self-care practice: Don’t be afraid to flaunt some of your achievements. Allow yourself to take up space, perhaps by posting about a personal or professional accomplishment.


Perspective is everything. You’re granted an all-access pass to reimagine how you perceive the world with this lunation highlighting your ninth house of travel, education, and journeys of the physical, mental, or psychic sort. If you’ve been hoping to travel somewhere, this is a great time to book a trip or to start saving for one. Beyond that, journeys can also take place through committing to a new course or class, or engaging in guided meditation practices.

Your new moon self-care practice: Find an area of study that’s always interested you, and dive in. Knowledge is exceptionally powerful for you at this time, so continue to expand your horizons.


A portal to your psyche opens under this new moon. Activating your sensitive eighth house of transformation, this lunation tasks you with embarking on a courageous journey toward the depths of your psyche. What have you been avoiding? What self-sabotaging behaviors are you ready to release? Sharing your fears and triggers with someone is powerful at this time.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reflection is key. Grab a journal, and commit to daily writing for 30 days. Placing your thoughts on paper can ease the stress in your internal world.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll be pushed to reflect on your relationship dynamics during this new moon, which highlights your seventh house of connections. Are your needs being met in your partnerships? Are others catering more to you than to themselves?

If you’re not currently in a romantic relationship, this is a powerful lunation to manifest a deep kind of love. And if you do have an S.O., this can be a time to review your relationship. What could it benefit from? A simple shift in perspective can make all the difference.

Your new moon self-care practice: Prioritize one-on-one time with a loved one, whether it’s a romantic partner or best friend. Make sure that you’re engaging in quality time that leaves you feeling seen, heard, and fully recharged.


This new moon invites you to reset your habits and embrace a physically healthy lifestyle, as it activates your sixth house of daily rituals. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressures of work and helping others, but be careful not to forget about yourself. Upholding boundaries in your day-to-day life will help set you up for success.

Your new moon self-care practice: Add more movement into your life. Commit to adding a five- or 10-minute walk into your day. How do your motivation and energy levels shift?


Prioritizing your joy right now will really deliver, as this new moon highlights your fifth house of pleasure. This is a period of rebirth and creation for you, during which play and fun will be paramount. Engage in activities that brought you joy in your childhood, or use the power of this new moon to discover new hobbies.

Your new moon self-care practice: Fill yourself up with the things you loved when you were younger: Ride a bike, play with Play-Dough, play a board game. The key is integrating play into your life, regardless of how you do it.


This lunation falls in your fourth house of foundational roots and invites you to reflect on your personal story. Fresh starts around family, legacy, ancestry, and home come into focus. But this is also an emotionally heavy time, as you may find yourself diving deeper into your psychological makeup. How does your routine support your mental health? Are there habits you can shift or release to provide yourself with more stability? You’re looking at everyone’s role here, including your family’s.

Your new moon self-care practice: Spending this time in solitude will serve you well. You have an increased desire for rest and relaxation. Remember: It’s okay to say no and resist FOMO.


With this lunation activating your third house of creativity and communication, your manifestation powers could be through the roof if you meet your mind with action. Positive change could happen in the areas of teaching, learning, and short-distance travel. When you lean into your creative side and ditch the practicality, you’ll find that you can reach new heights.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reading and writing serve a higher purpose at this time. Getting lost in a book and soaking up new ideas can light a fire within. Following any creative urges to write will also serve you well.


Your resources may receive a boost at this time with the new moon highlighting your second house of money and income. This is a powerful opportunity to lean into your intuition and ask yourself about your relationship with abundance. If you’re ready to release a scarcity mindset, this lunation may just do the trick. It’s also a wonderful time to reflect on your sense of self-worth. Are you valuing yourself and your skills the way you deserve to? If not, it’s time to make a shift.

Your new moon self-care practice: Practice positive affirmations in the morning by naming your worth and value. Commit to being kind to yourself, and watch the abundance flourish around you as a result.


Your cosmic rebirth is here with the new moon in Pisces (that is, your sign and first house of identity). This is your opportunity to redefine your essence. How do you want to show up in the world? What aspects of yourself are you ready to release? You have the inner resources to start fresh and claim the life you want to be living. Just remember: The way you speak to yourself carries weight. A shift in perspective may provide the extra encouragement you need to break free from past versions of yourself and find deeper alignment on your life path.

Your new moon self-care practice: Try some selfie magic to take advantage of this phase of reinvention. Get dressed up, embody the energetic vibe of your future self, and as you snap that selfie, channel that feeling through your gaze.

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