The New Moon in Taurus Prioritizes Radical Self Care—Here’s How Your Sign Can Make the Most of It

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In astrology, the new moon signals a fresh start and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. There are a total of 12 new moons in 2021, and each affects us in its own unique way. The new moon in Taurus of 2021 occurs on May 11th at 2:59 p.m., EST, and it is activating the need to change and start fresh in a situation that brings value. So, ask yourself: Where have you felt discomfort or inner-tension surrounding certain facets of your life? This new moon is packed with manifestation power, initiating the path towards a more aligned future.

The new moon in Taurus of 2021 invokes the energy of the materially focused Earth sign, ruled by the planetary goddess of abundance, Venus. It is in this dark divine feminine energy that creation and birth can occur, reminding us to re-engage back with our physical body, emotions, and senses in order to discover what is right for ourselves. In short, this new lunar cycle is about empowerment and radical self care.

This new lunar cycle is about empowerment and radical self care.

Taurus energy is all about self care that preserves your energy for what you truly value, setting boundaries, and not neglecting your well-being for the comfort of others. Putting yourself first is the ultimate form of self care, and the new moon in Taurus of 2021 urges you to break out of any devaluing and limiting situations with its connection to rebellious Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus has been shaking up what we value since 2019, and is also another energy involved in this lunar planetary alignment that promotes sudden change. Another powerful layer is the new moon’s connections with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Together, they are bringing up where we may have given away our power or have not stood up for our worth in the past. It’s now time to release this and choose the reality you truly deserve and dream of.

New decisions and change can feel challenging, but this specific time is for your highest good. Below, learn what the new moon in Taurus of 2021 holds for your sign, and how to practice restorative self-care accordingly. For a more expanded view, read your sun, moon, and rising sign.

How to practice self care for your sign during the new moon in Taurus of 2021


Money and self-worth are closely linked for you, and the new moon in Taurus of 2021 is affecting this area of your life. Finally receiving a bonus, boost in pay, or influx of compensation for the work that you do can develop. This also can be a time of change in work for the better. Feeling underpaid, under-appreciated, or overworked can push you towards making the right career shifts for yourself. First it’s important to release fears surrounding money, and to embrace the belief that you are worth every penny. The universe will correspond accordingly.

Your new moon self-care tip: Set your financial intentions at this time with the power of scripting. The energetics of money is that it is a physical manifestation of our self-worth. Writing down empowering statements in first person can give you an energetic boost to receive, especially if you are negotiating during this time. In green pen, create 10 first-person statements on why you believe you are worthy of abundance. For example: “My work is priceless." "I bring in my dream work without even lifting a finger." "The universe always compensates me for my wisdom.”


You have gone through many personal and professional shifts, and now the new moon in your sign is giving you the power of choice. Why settle for old situations that aren’t aligned with who you are becoming? You are feeling pushed to make a life-path change and to also shift surroundings in your life that don’t feel right for you. As the sign ruling over self care, it’s time to prioritize yourself first and make all decisions from this value-driven space.

Your new moon self-care tip: This new moon energy is in your sign, so taking time to reconnect with your element, Earth, can be incredibly healing for you. Getting out into nature, going on a hike or heading to the beach can all be powerful forms of self care. If you can, meditate outside and mentally set your intentions for this new cycle. Who do you want to be?


This is a powerful time for you in finding your authentic voice. The new moon in Taurus of 2021 is activating the hidden area of your chart, which can allow you to access what you may have blocked yourself from before. This potent Taurus energy is highlighting where you may have not previously embraced and pushed for your value, especially in work. You can feel the cosmic encouragement to shift in a direction that feeds your spirit versus just your wallet.

Your new moon self-care tip: Taurus rules over the heart, and navigating this period through a heart-centered space is key. Moving your physical body through stretching and yoga can give you this moment. Take note of emotional tension, and journal how you feel after.


Your hopes, dreams, and future vision can be brought down into reality under the energy of the new moon in Taurus. A new opportunity through your network, or a significant connection, could help open the road ahead for you. Being open to the possibilities is key, as is monitoring what truly resonates with you. It’s important first to release limitations you may feel around whether you are worthy of this new reality. Make the right choice, Cancer.

Your new moon self-care tip: The moon is your planetary ruler, and it can affect you more heavily than it affects other signs. This would be an optimal time to set fresh intentions to help guide your decisions. Create a vision board where you collage your dreams and what you would like to manifest, and hang it in a high-traffic area. It’s best to be clear with the universe in order to receive!


New career beginnings and a focus on a more fulfilling work partnership are the focus for you during the new moon in Taurus of 2021. You may be leaving behind a past situation that is no longer in alignment and ultimately was not positive for your career growth. This is a time when you can choose yourself, your passions, and what’s of value to you. While this life change is the result of tension, it will be for the best.

Your new moon self-care tip: Change can feel jarring, especially if you have not been expecting it. Grounding yourself through a solitary practice like meditation can help you reconnect with your thoughts and sooth emotional discomfort. If you can, put on a guided meditation surrounding abundance to help empower you.


During the new moon in Taurus of 2021, you may feel influenced to increase your knowledge by taking a course, teaching your own ideas, or working with others based internationally to gain much needed perspective. Learn, grow, have faith in your abilities, and walk through this portal with an open heart.

Your new moon self-care tip: After a period of hard work, you deserve time in a soothing bath. Practice self-care under the light of the new moon with a warm bath including your favorite essential oils and salts. After, take time to plan your big speech, presentation, or launch.


This new moon is bringing movement for you regarding investments like a new home, a marriage partner who may receive an increase of income, or you could receive the financial loan you’ve been waiting on. After much of a holding pattern, things can move forward in a positive direction and finally manifest into what you’ve been waiting for. Ensure that you negotiate, stick to what is of value to you, and remain firm in your financial stance.

Your new moon self-care tip: A great metaphysical practice during this time by setting your intentions with a simple candle ritual. Use a simple and small green candle. Light your candle and focus with your financial intention by staring into the flame. Close the ritual by allowing it to burn all the way down.


Relationships, both love and work-related, are in the energetic spotlight for you during the new moon in Taurus of 2021, highlighting your value in relation to others. It can present a challenging crossroads where you must release what is draining you personally in order to embrace the abundance you deserve. You are worthy, Scorpio, so choose according to what feels right for you.

Your new moon self-care tip: Creating lists can keep us organized, and it’s an incredible way to make decisions. Using a simple sheet of paper, create a "pros" list and a "cons" list. Focus on the current situation you are dealing with and write down what fits under each. If there are more cons than pros, consider that as you make your decisions.


The universe is bringing some much needed relief and the push for you to honor your physical body when it comes to your health and well-being. You may have been burning the candle at both ends or experiencing challenges in regards to your health. Now, you can decide to make a self-care-oriented change, whether that's cutting back work hours if you are able to do so, or changing your day-to-day routine entirely.

Your new moon self-care tip: A day off could be soothing for you. If you can, get out in nature and away from urban centers to find rest. Taking a break from the grind can also bring mental clarity on what moves you should make next at this time.


It’s time to embrace the new and express yourself in the most authentic way possible. The new moon in Taurus of 2021 can bring about a new work launch or creative project that feels right for you. This is similar to giving birth because it’s something you’ve had in the gestation period for some time. Fertility or matters related to children can also be a theme for some. Remember to release attachment to outcome, and be in the present moment as much as you can.

Your new moon self-care tip: Tap into your inner child for inspiration and comfort. Activities like watercolors, drawing, and playing a game can loosen up tension at this time. If you have children, involve them in this as well! Doing so can bring back the fun and joy into your life, thus positively boosting your creative confidence.


Matters surrounding your home or new realizations regarding your family life are all in store for you with this new moon in Taurus of 2021. You may not believe the current home you are in is a fit for you at this time and choose to move in a more stable direction. Past ancestral patterns surrounding not valuing your emotional needs can surface, but the universe is encouraging you to take back your power through this new direction.

Your new moon self-care tip: Your emotions can feel up and down at this time. Through healing discomfort, you can align with what’s meant for your highest good. Working with an energy healer or reiki practitioner can feel especially powerful for you. Take time to do this to navigate the changes you’re experiencing.


This new moon in Pisces of 2021 is encouraging you to be more outspoken in regards to your needs. This could be in the form of negotiating your worth or articulating your value to others. This is a big step for you in regards to your communication, and it's also is a moment of personal growth through your voice. Speak authentically—the new moon energy is on your side.

Your new moon self-care tip:  Find a private spot to meditate in for 20 minutes. When it feels right to you, yell, scream, or sing. This practice allows you to soothe tension and limitations, especially right before you publicly speak

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