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Thanks to Week’s New Moon in Taurus, You Can Expect Your Intentions to Spark Real-Life Change

Jennifer Racioppi

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With the sun moving into the sign of Taurus, we begin the week with a new chapter in the season of spring: The Venus-ruled, fixed Earth sign invites in the embodiment of sensuality, and a connection to the feminine spirit that says "yes" to pleasure. Yet the sense of restriction and fear many of us are living with in light of the COVID-19 pandemic has strained our relationship to pleasure. Moving through this low period of mourning and loss can make it difficult to reconcile the seasonal influence of rebirth, nourishment, contentment, and joy. This week invites us, however, to do both: Honor the grief-laden gravity of the circumstances dictated by the pandemic and simultaneously take time to settle into our bodies, conjuring rebirth within.

On Tuesday April 21, the sun in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, connoting challenge. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to do the work of radical reinvention on behalf of a higher vision for the collective. There are many ways we'll potentially see the influence of Saturn in Aquarius play out over the next few years: Saturn transiting in this sign elicits a progressive mind-set, asking us to work on behalf of the whole to ensure equality and inclusivity as it pertains to how we govern ourselves and our society.

But this week, especially, as Saturn at the earliest degrees of Aquarius squares the sun in Taurus, it creates friction between the familiar and established (Taurus) and what's progressive and aims to solve the problems of the future (Aquarius). This may play out in controversy about reopening our economy while mitigating the COVID-19 outbreak. As we venture into the unknown of how to manage the looming threat of COVID-19 while striving to save the economy, we face many medical risks, and given this tension, it's essential that we cultivate resilience.

As you set your intentions for this new moon in Taurus, also take strategic action steps so you can swiftly move your manifestation from an idea into a reality.

Thankfully on Wednesday, we have the new moon in Taurus, which supports us to enhance our capacity to face and adapt to change. This new moon, which also happens on Earth Day, perfects at 3 degrees of Taurus at 10:25 p.m., EST. The sun and moon conjoin Uranus, the planet of radical breakthroughs, in a square to Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure. Saturn's influence on this new moon commands adherence to "rules," but on a deeper level, beckons us to conjure our inner strength, especially as we face the unexpected changes Uranus in Taurus suggest. This new moon elicits radical breakthroughs that are supported by real-world action. Meaning, as you set your intentions for this new moon in Taurus, also take strategic action steps so you can swiftly move your manifestation from an idea into a reality.

Meanwhile, this new moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus in Gemini. Venus, in her retrograde shadow, traveling in Gemini, a sign that rules our lung capacity, suggests that taking deep breaths and working to expand our lung capacity strengthens our resilience. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness after all, and our lungs relate to the emotion of grief. Given Venus' extended stay in the sign of Gemini, a place she'll travel until August 7, this new moon provides the perfect moment to commit to expanding your mind-body tool kit with a breathing practice. At the time of the new moon, Venus is in a harmonious air trine with Mars in Aquarius. Since Mars rules action, the combination further suggests that the breath (hello, air) serves as a locomotive force, helping us to expel anxiety and invite in calm. And Venus in Gemini means we might just fall in love with a meditative practice that focuses on deep breathing.

Deep breathing is also a way to connect with pleasure. It can relieve, stress, increase body awareness, help with cultivating mindfulness (even more so if it's accessed through an orgasm), processing grief, and enhancing patience. So for this new moon in Taurus, consider starting a breathing practice (if you don't already have one) or recommitting to a practice from your past. Consider choosing and committing to a kundalini kriya, exploring a simple yoga practice (chair-yoga counts), doing a three-part breathing exercise daily, or using high-quality essential oils to incite more fluid breathing. Progressive muscle relaxation, mindful walking, and even chanting can help, too. Choose one that you can do daily because a commitment to a daily practice will serve you exceptionally well as the year continues forward.

Come Friday, the planet of communication Mercury in Aries conjoins Eris, the dwarf planet of discord. With Mercury's influence and Aries' feminine rage, prepare for deep feelings to emerge, and know that now's not the time to suppress or deny your instincts. But it's also not the time to act out mindlessly. Instead, notice what you are feeling and name it. Then choose the best way to express yourself. On Saturday, Mercury will square Pluto (who also conjoins Jupiter) while Pluto stations retrograde. Pluto's influence pushes us into our shadows, so the latter part of the week will likely surface feelings that need to be acknowledged and handled. Feel your power carefully and cautiously.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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