This New Moon in Virgo Delivers a Major Change of Direction—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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As we soak up the final days of summer, we look ahead to the fall season with a new moon in Virgo on September 14 at 9:40 p.m. EDT. This lunation asks us to tune into our everyday routines, get organized, and find the mystical and magical in the mundane.

In addition to being the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, Virgo is the sign of the harvest, and by Virgo season, we’re nearly halfway through the zodiac year, witnessing the seeds we planted at the beginning of the year begin to sprout and blossom. In turn, Virgo reminds us that our time and energy are precious—and that when we have a plan and approach it mindfully, we are better able to live in alignment.

Virgo reminds us that our time and energy are precious—and that when we have a plan and approach it mindfully, we are better able to live in alignment.

Thus, the new moon in Virgo is an apt time to kick old habits and replace them with more constructive ones. The strength of the sign lies in understanding that small shifts can lead to massive change. And what better time to enact those shifts than during a new moon, a lunation associated with new commitments and fresh starts?

What is a new moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A new moon occurs when the sun and the moon align in the same zodiac sign, and the moon sits directly between the Earth and the sun. It happens once a month and marks the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle, giving the lunation its association with a period of renewal.

The new moon is also the time when the night sky is the darkest (the moon is in Earth’s shadow), and as such, we’re asked to embrace our instincts and intuition. Energetically, you may feel more tired or self-reflective than usual. As the new lunar cycle begins, we’re also closing out an old cycle and releasing what no longer serves us. This can be an exhausting and emotional process as we learn to surrender, trust, and let go.

As we release, we also create space for new opportunities to find us. Because of this, new moons are considered auspicious times to set intentions, perform rituals or spells, or call in desires or manifestations. When you do so, visualize where you would like to be six months from now (when the full moon in the same zodiac sign will occur). Get specific: What and whom do you see around you? What are the habits you keep as this future version of you? As the moon’s light continues to grow over the course of the next few weeks, your intentions will grow, too.

Since a new moon is all about listening to your intuition, there is no wrong way to work with this energy. Turn inward, and ask your spirit team for a sign (in your dreams or waking life) about your next step. Trust that the universe will show up for you in divine timing, remain curious, and get ready to be surprised as your intentions come to life over the coming months.

It’s important to note that every new moon carries a different energetic signature based on the sign in which it occurs and the connections it forms with various planets. Some new moons are ideal for manifesting abundance and love, while others are powerful for releasing old and outdated patterns or behaviors. You’ll want to read your new moon horoscope to learn more about the specific energy of each new moon with which you decide to work.

What is the meaning of the new moon in Virgo in 2023?

This year’s new moon in Virgo brings a monumental energetic shift because it takes place the day before Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo ends. The return of Mercury to forward motion always represents an important turning point—and paired with the new moon in Virgo (over which Mercury rules), the planet’s influence is that much greater. It’s as if there is a simultaneous new beginning and reversal taking place in our lives, which can supercharge whatever intentions we set under this new moon.

Adding a hint of luck and possibility to the day, the new moon will also be forming supportive connections with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, creating a harmonious grand trine aspect in the sky. Uranus’s influence will encourage innovation, risk-taking, and breakthroughs, while Pluto’s influence can deliver feelings of empowerment, transformation, and willpower. Given both planets are also in Earth signs, it’s likely that whatever new beginnings occur around this time may have to do with the material realm; it’s an aligned time for manifesting abundance, as well as fostering a deeper sense of comfort and security in your everyday life.

The sun and moon, both in Virgo during this lunation, will also form an opposition with Neptune in Pisces, stirring up a dreamy atmosphere. This can be incredibly healing and compassionate energy that is productive for processing emotions and exploring our creativity. Neptune is also the planet of illusion, however, making it easier for us to miss red flags or spiral into overthinking about our fears. This isn’t the best time to make life-altering decisions, as the full picture may not be clear. And given the possibility for misunderstandings, it’s also not an optimal moment for important conversations.

Ultimately, we will be invited to reflect on our relationship with reality versus illusion: Which dreams are worth pursuing, and which are better off left in the recesses of our imagination?

Ultimately, we will be invited to reflect on our relationship with reality versus illusion: Which dreams are worth pursuing, and which are better off left in the recesses of our imagination? While you might be disappointed by this kind of reality check, trust that avoiding the pursuit of unrealistic goals is part of your path for a reason. We’ll all gain clarity on what we’re meant to pursue next—step by step, in true Virgo fashion.

To get a better picture of how this transformative energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more confidence and poise.

How the new moon in Virgo may affect your zodiac sign


You’re ready to rework your everyday life, Aries. The new moon illuminates your sixth astrological house of daily routines, habits, health, and responsibilities—also the house over which Virgo rules. This is an aligned time to commit to habits that will bring you closure to your dream life, and choose outdated patterns to kick to the curb. You may also be starting a new professional project or taking on additional responsibility around this time.

Your new moon self-care practice: Move through the mundane activities in your day with fresh intention. As you sweep the floor, for instance, imagine whisking away a behavioral pattern that no longer serves you. When you pour yourself a cup of water, whisper a wish into it. Sometimes, it’s the little moments that bring the most magick.


You may have cause to celebrate, Taurus. The new moon moves through your fifth house of pleasure, play, creativity, romance, and joy, rebooting your relationship with the present moment and your sense of gratitude.

This is an optimal moment for bringing newness into your life—whether you’re single and ready to mingle (go on that date!), or looking to begin a new creative endeavor (send that email). You’re invited to follow your curiosity and to self-express along the way.

Your new moon self-care practice: Pick up a new or old hobby that makes you feel alive. Whether it’s a form of art, craft, or physical exercise, use this activity to activate your brain in a different way.


A new chapter is about to begin in your personal life, Gemini. The new moon lands in your fourth house of home, family, foundations, and the past. This can be both a sensitive and restorative time for you, as you may feel more nostalgic than normal and find yourself processing big emotions.

Consider this your cosmic opportunity to leave the past in the past. You may gain more understanding for why things played out the way they did and garner more compassion for yourself and others as a result. Let that be your motivation to rethink tense family relationships and wipe the slate clean.

Your new moon self-care practice: This is a wonderful time to go through clutter that’s amassed in your space and reorganize your surroundings. Clearing away items you no longer use doesn’t just free up physical space; it has the power to open up energetic space, too, creating room for new beginnings.


Information is the theme of your new moon in Virgo, Cancer. This lunation illuminates your third house of communication, learning, and travel, bringing the potential for exciting news surrounding a work or family-related endeavor.

Sharing your ideas and thoughts with those in your sphere can also lead to the start of important conversations and contracts around this time. Or, you may choose to embark on a new learning journey, perhaps by signing up for a new course or class.

Your new moon self-care practice: Consider picking up a journaling practice. Having a place to put all of your thoughts—particularly as the moon moves through the most communicative part of your chart—can reduce overthinking and bring mental clarity.


Your financial world is ready for an uplevel, Leo. The new moon moves through your second house of resources and comfort, which could coincide with a monetary boost—in the form of a new source of income, a raise, or something else entirely.

This is also a time to check in with your budget: Which of your spending habits are necessary and nourishing, and which ones are outside of your means? Setting financial goals for yourself right around now can lead to some life-changing results.

Your new moon self-care practice: Write a list of any limiting beliefs you may hold about money and abundance. Cross each one out, and rewrite it as a positive affirmation.


The vibe is new moon, new you for you, Virgo. After all, this moon happens in your sign (aka your first house of identity and personal goals), making this your yearly reset.

It’s time to let go of any behaviors that reflect the old version of you, and lean into reinvention. You may be taking on an important new role or title at this time, or perhaps you have an opportunity to refresh your personal style. In any case, advocating for yourself and your needs is at the top of your agenda as we wrap up your season.

Your new moon self-care practice: Get in front of the mirror, and practice some mirror magick. Spend one minute in the morning, afternoon, and evening every day this week speaking positive affirmations to your reflection in the mirror.


You’re ready for life to slow down, Libra. The new moon lands in your 12th house of closure, solitude, rest, and intuition. You may feel more exhausted than normal from overworking or overextending yourself, or perhaps you’ve been mired in grief.

This moon invites you to spend time with what’s been taking up residence in your subconscious mind. If there are any patterns, behaviors, or beliefs that you’re ready to release, this can be an aligned time to do so. You’re doing the emotional heavy lifting now and creating space for a new beginning.

Your new moon self-care practice: Say, “no” to plans. This is an important time for you to honor your boundaries, resist FOMO, and set aside time for yourself. Spending time alone can lead to intuitive insights and breakthroughs.


You’re forming new connections, Scorpio. The new moon activates your 11th house of community, friendship, support, and hopes and dreams for the future, putting you in an ideal place to link up with others. This is the time to send that elevator pitch, add that person on LinkedIn, or join that charity group.

You’re also focused on cultivating your sense of belonging: In what kinds of spaces do you feel most valued? And how can you place yourself in those spaces?

Your new moon self-care practice: Take a risk, and ask directly for what you want. Whether it’s applying to a dream job or asking an acquaintance for career advice, take the chance and experiment with networking this week.


Recognition is on its way, Sagittarius. The new moon moves through your 10th house of career, public image, and legacy, which can mark a big milestone: You may be on the cusp of receiving a promotion or perhaps starting a job at a new company. If you’ve been working hard toward a goal, it may come to fruition now.

This can also be an exciting time for your personal life, bringing monumental changes—an engagement, a big move, a brush with fame, a wedding, an expansion of your family, or an otherwise legacy-defining moment.

Your new moon self-care practice: Set an ambitious goal for yourself. Where do you want to be one year from now? Commit to a daily visualization practice where you get specific about what your future looks and feels like.


You’re feeling expansive and optimistic about the future, Capricorn. The new moon activates your ninth house of perspective, education, and adventure, bringing with it the opportunity for you to broaden your horizons. Information you learn or discussions you have around this time may shift your personal outlook or beliefs.

You may also feel ready to share your story or expertise with a wider audience through writing, broadcasting, speaking at a conference, or podcasting. If you have the travel bug, now is also an aligned time to book a trip.

Your new moon self-care practice: You’re feeling more curious than usual. Try picking up a book you’ve been meaning to read or signing up for a class of interest. Using your brain in new ways can help you answer big questions about your purpose or direction.


Emotions may be (uncomfortably) front and center for you during this new moon, Aquarius. It moves through your eighth house of shared finances, investments, depth, transformation, and your psyche, pushing you to address lingering anxieties and process stagnant emotions.

Practically speaking, the eighth house is also the house of debt, investing, and taxes; you may be paying down some debt or having conversations regarding shared resources with a romantic or business partner. This is a time for determining into whom and what you feel it’s worth investing your time and energy, both literally and spiritually.

Your new moon self-care practice: Try a cord-cutting meditation. Pick a person, memory, or situation in your life that’s taking up too much real estate in your mental world and utilize a visualization practice to sever your ties.


It’s time to hit refresh on your relationships, Pisces. The new moon lands in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and collaborations, encouraging you to get realistic about which relationships in your life are worth your time and energy.

If you’re single, you may be ready to enter a romantic partnership, and if you’re partnered, you may choose to take your relationship to the next stage—or resolve lingering issues such that the relationship can restart with a blank slate. At the same time, you may also feel the creative juices flowing within a new business partnership.

Your new moon self-care practice: Prioritize spending time with your partner or a close friend. Investing in relationships that are reciprocal and nourishing can bring you a deeper sense of safety and comfort, all while helping you recharge.

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