What This Week’s Relationship-Oriented New Moon in Libra Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

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Occurring at 7:05 a.m., ET, on October 6, the new moon in Libra of 2021 takes place during the Mercury retrograde, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. These celestial energies invite us to revise, tweak, or transform that which is no longer working in our lives—with specific respect to our relationships. Libra season, which spans September 22 to October 23, encourages us to examine the relationship dynamics in our love, business, or personal life. In general, Libra energy teaches us that in order to experience the sweetness in life, it’s important to understand the energetics of balance and self-preservation—and those themes are apparent with the new moon.

Another important facet of this new moon is its opposition with the wounded healer, Chiron in Aries, which is an asteroid that has been retrograde and initiating self-healing energy since July 15th. Transiting Chiron indicates where there are opportunities for the collective to energetically mend and transcend setbacks. Aries is the opposite sign of relationship-oriented Libra and represents the individual and the self. This energy, then, may create space to heal where we have neglected our own needs for the sake of others.

We can expect the revisions we make in our relationships during the new moon in Libra of 2021 to ultimately spark long-term growth.

Furthermore, thanks to the positive influence of expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn in Aquarius retrograde, we can expect the revisions we make in our relationships during the new moon in Libra of 2021 to ultimately spark long-term growth. So, observe how you feel about your relationships, note what is working for you, and develop a plan to release what is not.

To help you understand what your zodiac sign can expect during the new moon in Libra of 2021, continue reading and get a bespoke affirmation to help you shift your mindset to help you reach your goals. For a more holistic view of what to expect for the new moon, read your sun, moon, and rising signs (and if you don't know your signs, run a free birth chart generator, like this one).

Here's what the new moon in Libra of 2021 has in store for your zodiac sign


The new moon in Libra of 2021 is a time for you to take your power back in relation to an important professional contract or agreement. This may be a long-term relationship created in the past that is now resurfacing as an opportunity for improvement. Remember to communicate your needs authentically in order to renegotiate. This will be a more expansive and a long-term situation for you.

You also can also experience connections from the past resurfacing to collaborate and work with you again. Take advantage, but remember to pay attention to the fine print, in light of Mercury retrograde. This time can also create a new mindset surrounding a potential or existing love relationship. Nonnegotiables that you didn’t consider in the past are now an important part of your love list. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Your new moon affirmation: Love is always a balanced and equal equation for me. I always receive back the energy I put out to others.


If your work schedule and routine has been draining you, you can expect the new moon in Libra of 2021 to help. Health is wealth, my dear Taurus, and this fresh lunar cycle is encouraging you to place yours first by prioritizing balance and self-care for you. Where can you can cut back, and what in your day no longer resonates with you?

You also can expect career breakthroughs as a result of your past work, time investment, and sweat equity due to the new moon’s connection with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde in your professional house. The expansion and growth you experience now will benefit you for the long haul. Just remember to negotiate wisely, especially with the new moon’s connection with Mercury retrograde.

Your new moon affirmation: Balance is key, and my internal wellness comes first. I only accept projects that fulfill me and don't drain me.


Creativity, self-expression, and romance are in the energetic spotlight for you during the new moon in Libra of 2021, Gemini. You are experiencing a fresh perspective and are releasing limiting beliefs that were limiting your growth. This new moon is providing a path forward towards a more fulfilling project or creative collaboration. Don’t forget about what you need in order to feel inspired, and communicate this with others.

The opportunity to teach or share your ideas can also develop with the new moon’s connection with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde in your ninth house of higher learning. This area of your life also rules over international matters and travel, so you may extend the reach of your work to a wider audience. Have faith in what you want to communicate to the world.

Your new moon affirmation: My ideas and creative vision are highly valued. Everything I need to fulfill my path will find me.


Moon cycles affect you more than other signs because the moon is your planetary ruler, Cancer. This new moon is initiating change in the area of home and family for you. Perhaps you are in an environment that is no longer conducive for you, or the opportunity to invest in a new home base develops. It’s important for you to do what feels right for you, so use this new lunar cycle as an impetus to head in a more healing direction.

Now is also a time of financial resolution, and you can experience a breakthrough in debt, investments, or legal matters from the past. If you are signing new agreements or contracts, remember to always read the fine print. Mercury retrograde is heavily influencing this new moon, which can bring confusion or lack of clarity when making important contractual decisions.

Your new moon affirmation: My home and sanctuary is always peaceful, money flows towards me, and my foundation is grounded.


It’s a brand new day when it comes to communication and contracts, Leo. The new moon in Libra of 2021 is activating your third house of communication and sending positive energy to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius retrograde in your relationship sector. If you are dating, you can experience the deepening of a new relationship. And if you are committed, this lunation is driving you to revise and make positive changes towards balance and fulfillment.

Not only is the new moon affecting romance, but previous important contracts may resurface. Remember to advocate for what’s fair and equal, and to take time with new agreements, given that Mercury retrograde in Libra can create confusion.

Your new moon affirmation: My love is of value, and I attract those who see, appreciate, and reciprocate it.


If a current employer or client contract is not compensating you fairly, revise and change it. You have put in the work, and now the new moon in Libra is ensuring that you get paid for it.

You may also experience a growth in your daily routine, work obligations, and duties at this time. Now would be a wise time to dedicate your energy where it is worth doing so and to remove what is no longer in alignment. You also can start to bear the fruits of your labor and benefit from the stable foundation you have created in regards to your projects.

Your new moon affirmation: I work to live, not live to work. I work on what fuels and energizes my passion, not what drains me.


This is the most powerful new moon for you because it’s occurring in your sign. You tend to think about others before yourself, which can lead to feeling deflated and under-appreciated. With this empowering lunation encouraging you to reclaim your identity, you can feel energized to revise contracts, agreements, and relationships that are no longer balanced and harmonious for you.

Change surrounding the home and family is also in the stars for you with the new moon’s transformative connection with Pluto in Capricorn retrograde in your fourth house. Perhaps the structure or foundation of where you have been living is shifting. Roll with the changes at this time, Libra, because they will ultimately be for the better.

Your new moon affirmation: I am grounded, stable, and peaceful. I advocate for what I deserve, and I leave what is no longer in alignment with my soul.


Prepare for a major mindset shift, Scorpio. This new moon is healing limitations and challenges surrounding ancestral beliefs in relationships, such as disempowerment, disagreement, and imbalance with others.

The new moon is also soothing to your health, wellness, and daily work duties. Now you can start to advocate for yourself—especially when it comes to navigating power structures at work. Step into your leadership role, but remember that diplomacy can also be your superpower. You may have to rethink your team, but since Mercury retrograde is influencing this new moon, now a good time to do so.

Your new moon affirmation: I attract healthy, balanced, and helpful colleagues, relationships, and agreements. My leadership skills are always appreciated.


Opportunities from the past are coming back into your sphere of influence, Sagittarius—perhaps through communication from an influential person in your network. While it can feel tempting to jump back on board quickly, remember to identify what your needs are. If you have been putting in time and effort into an idea or a creative endeavor, you can feel encouraged to revise and shift agreements to be more in balance with what you deserve. Hopes, dreams, and wishes should also should feel in alignment.

For some Sagittarians, there may also be breakthroughs surrounding fertility, and children. This is due to the new moon’s opposition with Chiron retrograde in Aries. Prepare for a new mindset and healing in this area of life.

Your new moon affirmation: What or who is meant for me will always find me. My dreams always unravel to be the highest outcome for me.


Your career, life path, and professional world is under review during the new moon in Libra, which is activating your 10th house. Where have you sacrificed your needs in order to fulfill your duties? The universe is now calling for you to take your power back. This can include renegotiating your position, asking for the raise you deserve, or completely shifting your path.

This is also initiating personal growth, and increasing your self-worth in a positive direction. Past investments or work that you have put in can now start to bear fruit and pay off. The new moon’s connections with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are encouraging you to move towards abundance of your worth.

Your new moon affirmation: Money flows effortlessly and endlessly towards me. I am abundantly blessed by the cosmos.


Expansion and growth is on the cosmic menu for you, Aquarius. The new moon is enlightening your ninth house of wisdom and international matters, forming a positive connection with Saturn and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. Together, this planetary alignment is providing you with a wider audience or platform to share your gifts with the world. You have experienced much personal growth this year, and now you have the ability to be a guru and share with others.

For single Aquarians, this could be a time when a long-distance relationship deepens, or you can form a contract with influential contacts abroad. In either scenario, this energy is healing your mindset surrounding what you need in order to feel fulfilled in a bond or contract. Remember to observe, and look over the finer details, as confusion from Mercury retrograde in Libra is in the mix.

Your new moon affirmation: The right partnerships always appear for me. I only collaborate with those who appreciate my unique flair and point of view.


The new moon in Libra of 2021 is bringing resolution and change to your eighth house of shared resources, legal matters, and finances. If you have been navigating this area of life, you can now see past issues come up in order to be resolved. Any changes that take place will ultimately be for your benefit. Remember to articulate your needs and negotiate in your favor, Pisces.

You also can experience a resolution or change surrounding debts and mortgages. Pisces who have been handling marriage-related issues, debts, and mortgage woes may also experience shifts. This resolution and shift ultimately will begin to change the structure of your dreams and future visions.

Your new moon affirmation: Everything happens for a reason, and always for my benefit. I release attachment to outcomes and welcome what’s for my highest good.

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