Introducing New Moon Reset! Your Monthly at-Home Lunar Ritual

Set your intentions for Thursday's celestial event, with guided audio from meditation rockstar Kelly Morris.

Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is an expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail. And in this new series, she'll be leading you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic once a month. Follow along with her instructions below—with your women's circle crew, or all by yourself—for your first at-home New Moon Reset ritual.

With a super powerful Libra new moon arriving on Thursday, October 19, it's time to begin our preparations so we can best utilize the celestial magic it brings.

Think of the moon as a blank slate and a new beginning—so the first thing you'll want to do is write down your Ten Wishes, before listening to the audio below.

It's time to think: What are your dreams? What do you want? What do you need? Feel your internal landscape: What is lacking? What is falling short? What needs replenishing, sustaining, tending? What does your inner self need to thrive and succeed?

And remember, how you word your wishes is meaningful. Think in terms of qualities you hope to seed in within you—like patience or confidence or forgiveness—rather than, for example, a "red sports car" (but if you're dying for that speedster, by all means, plant those seeds!). Here's an example: I want to easily find myself taking right action to create joy, positivity and peace in my relationship with [fill in the blank].

For the new moon in Libra, in particular, these areas are useful to work with:

• Romantic commitments, partnerships, and mutual dependence
• Peace and consensus
• Joint efforts and collaboration
• Ability to negotiate
• Social interactions and tact
• Beauty and grace
• Creating independence

Please note, you can always change one of your wishes (or all of them!) during the actual ceremony if inspiration strikes. Always save one wish for the Earth and all her inhabitants. (Here's an example: I want to easily see all violence against the Earth cease.)

For the most powerful energy, you can do the ceremony within four hours of the exact time of the new moon on Thursday: 3:12 p.m. EDT. And remember, do be careful what you wish for!

When we're finished, you may burn the paper with your Ten Wishes and place the ashes in nature. Or you can do what I do and keep the pages handy, so that you can check back over the coming weeks as the full moon approaches—and see what’s taken root.

Have your list ready? Now, settle in, get comfortable, and click below to start your new moon in Libra ritual.


Kelly Morris, a globally recognized meditation teacher with 25 years of experience, is the creator of The Infinity Call, a cult-fave daily guided meditation service. 


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