Soak up All That Scorpio New Moon Power With This at-Home Ritual

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Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is an expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail. And she's here to lead you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic every month. Follow along with her instructions below—with your women's circle crew, or all by yourself—for your at-home New Moon in Scorpio Reset ritual.

With a powerful and transforming Scorpio New Moon arriving on Saturday, November 18, it's time to begin your process of preparation so you are best positioned to take full advantage of the special mystery this new moon heralds.

Think of the new moon as a fresh start, a time to step back and evaluate your dreams anew—what needs to shift? What is working and what is not?

Use the power of your imagination: What do you want now? What is there not enough of and what is there too much of? What does your heart need? What does your body need? The audio below is a guide to this new start, and you'll want to begin the ritual by writing down your 10 wishes on a piece of paper.

Remember, the way you phrase your desires is important. Consider the qualities you need to grow—like forgiveness or peace or optimism—that will help you attract what you want. For example, you may want your boss dead (from your life, at least), but instead of focusing on the negative you could say: "I want to easily find myself responding to my boss in a way that creates peace, cooperation and trust between us."

For the new moon in Scorpio, in particular, these areas are profitable to work with:

Power and empowerment, including sensitivity to the needs/motives of others.
Change and transcendence, including forgiveness and the dropping of old baggage.
Sovereignty, including the ability to choose right over wrong and self-discipline.
Predicaments, including stress and crisis.
Sex and true love, including all profound emotional connections.

Always remember, you can revise or rewrite entirely any of your wishes during the actual ceremony if you are compelled to do so. Always save one wish for the earth and all of her inhabitants. (Here’s an example: "I want to easily experience the people of Earth rising up in defense of our only home.")

For the most potent energies, you can do the ceremony within four hours of the exact time of the new moon on Saturday (6:42 a.m. EST). Remember, be careful what you wish for!

When the ceremony is completed, you may burn your 10 wishes and place the ashes out in nature if you live in a city, you may simply open your window and let them go that way, or you can keep the pages nearby, enabling you to check back over the coming weeks as the full moon approaches to see what has taken root and begun to grow within you.

Now, settle in, get comfortable, and click below to start your new moon in Scorpio ritual.

Kelly MorrisKelly Morris, a globally recognized meditation teacher with 25 years of experience, is the creator of The Infinity Call, a cult-fave daily guided meditation service. With her unique ability to bring forth the truths of meditation and the cosmos, Morris has guided thousands of people, including business leaders and celebrities. Her central understanding is that as women heal themselves, they heal the world.

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