Ready for the New Moon? Try This Guided Ritual Outdoors for *Extra* Earth-Mama Magic

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Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is here to lead you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic this month. An expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail—Morris is offering up an at-home New Moon in Pisces ritual for the March 17 celestial event. (If you're reading this early, Morris stresses that you must *wait* until Saturday to effectively tap into the lunar magic.) 

This month’s new moon dispatch is coming to you from a seven-mile pristine stretch of white sand along the Yucatán. The sky is black, the stars are glittering above, and the sound of the ocean is deafening. The power of the feminine is palpable and everywhere: wind, sea, sand and bright green earth goddess Gaia rooting down in every corner.

If possible this spectacular and emotional new moon, find yourself a field or a roof and take a good look at the sky. Breathe it in and know it’s yours. Speak to the moon directly, from your heart and in your own words.

If possible this spectacular and emotional new moon, find yourself a field or a roof and take a good look at the sky.

As women, we are being called to higher and higher expressions of ourselves. The world is in turmoil. Your personal contribution matters and impacts the greater whole more than you might realize. Your relationship with the Grandmother Moon and with Gaia is paramount to your well-being, sense of self, and ability to successfully navigate this wild and ever-changing planet.

As you enter into ceremony on March 17, take time to think about what is most essential to your well-being. As you do each month, prepare 10 wishes to lay out your Pisces dreams and visions. What do you need now? What is missing now? As I always counsel, be precise with your 10 wishes. Each wish should feel correct all the way through you. If something doesn’t feel 100 percent right, leave it alone and return to it next month.

Pisces is a spiritual and powerful influence. It’s energy that's deeply feminine. The most hidden, sensitive parts of us are in play now, since Pisces rules imagination, inner happiness, psychic ability, mystical awareness, spiritual healing, compassion, and interestingly, releasing helplessness. As always, the wording of your requests is significant. You can use these wishes or modify them to suit you:

I want to easily find myself handling confusion in a way that leads to my personal growth.

I want my imagination ignited, leading me to new and optimistic understandings of life.

I want all resistance to inner happiness easily removed from me.

I want all deconstructive sensitivity easily lifted from me.

I want to easily find myself trusting and remembering that source/goddess is guiding my life.

I want to find myself easily channeling healing energy and power as I move through my daily life.

I want to easily find myself meditating at least ____ number of days a week with a minimum of ____ minutes each time.

I want to easily experience forgiveness with ____.

I want to easily find myself free of my addiction to _____ (TV, drugs, gossip).

I want all feelings of helplessness easily lifted from me.

Remember to always save one wish for Gaia and her inhabitants. That wish might look like this:

I want to easily see the world healed of all of its trouble and pain. I want to easily find myself contributing to the well-being of the earth and all of her children.

Remember, you can always modify your wishes during the actual ceremony if you need to. Lastly, these wishes are to be done after the new moon rises in your area. They are not effective done before.

When you have completed your wishes, join me below for our New Moon Pisces Reset.

Kelly MorrisKelly Morris, a globally recognized meditation teacher with 25 years of experience, is the creator of The Infinity Call, a cult-fave daily guided meditation service. With her unique ability to bring forth the truths of meditation and the cosmos, Morris has guided thousands of people, including business leaders and celebrities. Her central understanding is that as women heal themselves, they heal the world.

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