Here’s How to Tap Into Capricorn’s Make-Things-Happen Mojo With This Month’s New Moon

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Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is here to lead you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic this month. An expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail—Morris is offering up an at-home New Moon in Capricorn Reset ritual. So gather up your women's circle crew (or just yourself!) and tap into some lunar magic.

Welcome, daughters of the earth and sky to January's New Moon Reset. I just returned from a women's circle hosted by Dina Kaplan of The Path in Venice, CA. All kinds of women were there. One had quit her job as the only woman in an all-male banking firm and was starting a wellness company. Another woman was writing a book about her experiences on a horse farm in Italy. Another woman talked about how interesting it was to finally be making money after years of being underpaid.

As I sat and listened to each of them, I realized how close we all are, how close all women are, even when we don't know each other's name. Each of us is navigating a world that doesn't always support our success, celebrate our independence, or honor our place as the givers of life. Each of us is searching for ways to increase our influence without losing our heart, each of us is looking for paths that result in wholeness.

Capricorn is a grounded, stabilizing, and practical-minded energy. It may sound boring and staid, but Capricorn is the energy of making things happen.

As you enter into ceremony tonight, consider how the unique energies of Capricorn might serve you and your greater vision. Capricorn is a grounded, stabilizing, and practical-minded energy. It may sound boring and staid, but Capricorn is the energy of making things happen. You have the dream of a new home in your mind? Capricorn will get it built. Capricorn has the ability to take your dreams, the ones that may only dance about in your head, and make them a living breathing reality. Adding even more mojo, we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn right now, making its influence far more powerful than usual.

You have 10 wishes to articulate this month's yearnings and dreams. What does your life need, what is missing, what practical aspect needs boosting? As always, once you write your wishes, repeat them out loud several times to make sure it's really what you want, to the very marrow of you. If it is not, cross it out and start again.

The air is ruled by Capricorn are: material security, acceptance of responsibility, reaching your goals, success/acknowledgment, managerial capacities, authority figures, and last but not least, the one I am always working on: the release of controlling tendencies.

The way you word your wishes matters; here are some examples. You may use these or create your own:

- I want to easily find myself releasing all anxiety about growing older
– I want to easily find myself committing to those things that best serve me
- I want to easily find myself noticing and going after opportunities when they arise
- I want all fear around success completely removed from me
- I want to easily experience myself taking charge in every area of my life
- I want to easily find myself paying attention to my own inner authority
- I want all negative tendencies to control others completely removed from me
- I want all severity removed from me
- I want the habit of pessimism totally lifted from me

Write down your wishes in your own hand on paper, not on an electronic device. Then join me on our Capricorn New Moon ReSet, below.

Together we will plant the seeds of our becoming in this powerful first new moon of 2018, on January 16-17.

Kelly MorrisKelly Morris, a globally recognized meditation teacher with 25 years of experience, is the creator of The Infinity Call, a cult-fave daily guided meditation service. With her unique ability to bring forth the truths of meditation and the cosmos, Morris has guided thousands of people, including business leaders and celebrities. Her central understanding is that as women heal themselves, they heal the world.

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