How to Tap Into Seriously Wild Sagittarius Energy With Monday’s New Moon

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Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is an expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail. And she's here to lead you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic every month. Follow along with her instructions below—with your women's circle crew, or all by yourself—for your at-home New Moon in Sagittarius Reset ritual.

I just got back from the silent wonder that is Joshua Tree. In some ways, the desert might seem to be the opposite of what we consider the divine feminine to be: We imagine it as something lush, fecund, and moist. But the dry desert has plenty of powerful secrets to share.

The main one for our new moon purposes is the unique ability of the desert to survive, nay thrive, on barely anything at all. As we move ever more deeply into the cold and silence of winter and feel the instinct to hibernate, these inward-moving circumstances demand a certain economy of resources, a winnowing down to what is most essential for your personal survival, nay "thrival."

Sagittarius is a rambunctious, unconventional influence. There's no need to "force" things.

As you enter into ceremony on December 18, consider what is most essential, most crucial to your well-being. As you did last month, you will prepare 10 wishes to lay out your winter dreams and visions. What will you call into your life, what boons, what desires feel crucial to you? As I always advise, be thoughtful with your 10 wishes. Each wish should resonate all the way through you, which will create an opening within you of receptivity. Consider carefully what needs to grow and what needs to go.

Sagittarius is a rambunctious, unconventional influence. There's no need to "force" things; that is the way of the masculine. Rather, we simply confide our wishes at the right time to the right force, which is the moon.

The right time now is Sagittarius season, with its the wild, unruly gifts and energies. You may make several wishes in the same areas to see more rapid shifts and growth. Each wish should make you feel good and right inside—make sure they do.

The areas ruled by Sagittarius are: the heroine's journey to truth, peace of mind, legal matters, movement and travel, faith and optimism, the ability to discover solutions and gaining ground over excess. As always, the wording of your wishes matters more then you might think. You can use these or create your own as you are called to:

– "I want to easily find myself depending on the support of ..." (examples could be: the Mother, God, higher power, Gaia).

- "I want to easily find myself taking trips and traveling several times a year."

- "I want to easily find myself building my life with a strong moral foundation that is undeterred by circumstance."

- "I want to easily find the solution to..."

When you have finished conceiving and writing down in your own hand writing on paper your 10 wishes, join me on the New Moon Reset below

Together, we will celebrate the joy and exuberance that is this last new moon of 2017.

Kelly MorrisKelly Morris, a globally recognized meditation teacher with 25 years of experience, is the creator of The Infinity Call, a cult-fave daily guided meditation service. With her unique ability to bring forth the truths of meditation and the cosmos, Morris has guided thousands of people, including business leaders and celebrities. Her central understanding is that as women heal themselves, they heal the world.

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