Set Your New Moon Intentions Extra Clearly This Week, Because Mercury Is Going Retrograde

Jennifer Racioppi

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With Halloween happening this week, we enter into a sacred time of the year that asks us to wake our inner witch, remember the deceased, and further acclimate into the dark. With the new moon in Scorpio occurring on October 27 at 11:38 p.m., EST (for some time zones, this new moon may happen on the 28th), being comfortable in the darkness is seriously important if you want to take advantage of its opportunities. The fertile new moon asks for you to sow the seeds of desire and stake claim for what you sincerely want. With Mars, one of Scorpio's ruling planets, squaring Saturn at the time of the new moon, honoring your boundaries (and those of others) remains nonnegotiable. Meanwhile, Saturn, the cosmic disciplinarian, asks that you acknowledge both your desire for growth and the obstacles that stand in your way with equal reverence.

Speaking of seeds of hope, Diwali, a sacred Indian celebration that revolves around honoring light, also occurs with the new moon in Scorpio. The auspicious holiday asks its followers to conjure the sweetness of life and offers a time of reflection on growth. Whether you honor Diwali or simply want to work with this promising new moon, take time to light a candle and call in your intention for this next lunar cycle.

This specific new moon offers a cosmic invitation to consider what life is asking you to break free from. Where can you find liberation in your life? How can you bring more light to your journey? Since the new moon directly opposes Uranus, a planet that inspires both innovation and disruption of the status quo, surrendering into your liberation is an absolute must.

Come October 30, Mercury and Venus perfect their conjunction in Scorpio, which brings additional auspiciousness to communication. Then, on October 31, Halloween, Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde. (It is rather apt that this trickster planet goes retrograde on the day reserved for trick-or-treating.) Commencing his final retrograde spin for 2019, the next three weeks provide the perfect opportunity to revisit and review all of the efforts you've put forth during the year.

Now is also when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. In the spirit of the day of the dead and Samhain, this a great time to connect with your occult practices. Turn up the volume on your intuition and trust your inner knowing; perhaps even do a ritual to amplify your experience of magic in your life. Commit to your desires for this next segment of the season in which we currently find ourselves (deep fall in the northern hemisphere or spring in the southern).

On Friday, November 1, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, exits Scorpio, entering into Sagittarius, the sign of bold and blunt truth. As a result, anticipate Venus to inspire you to ask for what you need. But with Mercury now retrograde, take time to really and truly understand your needs first before committing yourself to an ask. Patience goes a long way, especially patience with yourself.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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