7 Pairs of Next-Gen Spin Shoes That’ll Supercharge Your Ride

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When New Balance began dreaming up designs for a next-gen spin shoe, its creative team started by asking a question: "Why can’t [they] look as good as your outfit and still meet the performance [level needed] to hit your personal record?" says Alexis Anzlovar, who oversaw development of the brand's just-launched NBCycle style, which features recessed plates and a rubber outsole so that they look like regular sneakers. 

It's just one example of how, as the spin revolution picks up speed, companies are stepping up their shoe game to offer options that aren't just functional, but fashionable as well. And a lot of that innovation is coming from boutique fitness studios themselves. Peloton and Flywheel both offer their own options. And SoulCycle recently released a new collaboration with sports apparel and cycling company Pearl Izumi, a slick silhouette called "Legend" that was a year-and-a-half in the making.

The fact that these new designs look cooler than past iterations isn't the only reason to consider investing in a pair (they range in price from about $75–$200, BTW) if you ride regularly. Wear by multiple riders can prevent rental spin shoes from forming to your feet in ways that'll benefit you in terms of comfort, foot health, and performance. Plus, owning your own means never having to worry about stepping into someone else's sweat again.

Shop 7 of the coolest new spin shoe options below.

Photo: New Balance

New Balance NBCycle Shoe, $125

Photo: SoulCycle

SOUL Legend Cycling Shoe, $200 (returns to stock February 2018)

Photo: Garneau

Garneau Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoes, $110

Photo: Flywheel

Flywheel Fly Fierce Shoes, $128

Photo: Specialized

Specialized Remix Road Shoes, $100

Photo: Amazon

Giro Terradura, $180

Photo: Shimano

Shimano SH-RP2, $74

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