Shut the Kale Up’s New Year’s Wellness Toolkit for Rocking 2019

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Say what you will about New Year's resolutions (because yes, you're pretty awesome just as you are), but January 1 is as good as any other date to reflect on how your priorities may have shifted in the past year—and draw up a game-plan accordingly.

"We choose things to be part of our day because they challenge us or make us feel better, but what happens when they no longer serve you?" says Jeannette Ogden of Shut The Kale Up. "With the new year comes new life, new ideas, new goals, new perspective. There's not a better time to refresh something that has become stale."

To that end, Ogden relies on a toolkit of healthy staples—all snagged from  Kohl's, which is basically a wellness wonderland—to support her wellness routine.

"If you have something in your life that you want to change, do it today."

But what happens if you miss the unofficial January 1 cut-off date? Ogden says it's cool to reevaluate year-long. "I personally don't set New Years resolutions," she says. "I’ve found that, for me, having long-term goals all year round has helped me not fall into this idea that new beginnings only come around on January 1. If you have something in your life that you want to change, do it today."

Whether your New Year's goals involve fitness, food, fashion, or all of the above, Kohl's has what you need to knock them out of the park—no matter when you get started.

Check out Shut The Kale Up's New Year's wellness essentials from Kohl's for kicking off 2019.

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Top photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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