The Low-Impact Self-Care Habit That Supercharges Nick Jonas’ Mornings

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Ever since the Jonas Brothers made a guest appearance on Hannah Montana in 2007 (yes, it was that long ago), haven't we all been wondering what makes Nick Jonas—deemed "the sensitive one" by one Miley Cyrus—so gosh darn charming? My guess is that you can chalk it up to those tussled ringlets, the smile, and all that, well, sensitivity. Or perhaps, like so many other charismatic celebrities today, his secret sauce is a killer self-care morning routine.

"Waking up and stretching is something that I love and can be a really great way to start the day." —Nick Jonas

During a phone call in partnership with health-insurance provider Cigna (which he recently teamed up with to encourage everybody to book their annual checkups), the celeb told me that he's a big proponent of kicking off his mornings on a flexible note. "Waking up and stretching is something that I love and can be a really great way to start the day," he says about his a.m. ritual. And according to celeb personal trainer Ashley Borden, his quotidian choice is spot-on.

Giving your muscles some morning TLC comes with levels upon levels of benefits (ha!), she says. The most basic win is that it draws "attention to your posture and [serves as] a gentle reminder about how you carry yourself throughout the day," says Borden. And beyond that foundation, stretching has also been found to increase blood flow to all your muscles and help your bod re-elongate after a night spent in a balled up sleeping position.

Jealous of Jonas' mornings? Start your stretching routine tomorrow with these Borden-approved moves.

Overhead stretch and lunge: Lunge forward and reach the opposite arm overhead. This will stretch your lats, psoas, and hip flexors.

Pigeon pose: Using the bathroom sink or another surface, bring one knee forward so your leg makes a "7" shape. "Keep your chest lifted, and gently shift side to side. It’s a deep hip stretch without having to get on the floor. I do this when I brush my teeth," Borden says.

Hamstring stretch: Fold forward over your legs with your knees bent as much as you need for your chest to touch them. (This will protect your lower back.) "I only slightly bend my knees so I feel it in my hamstrings. The more you bend your knees, the less you will feel your hamstrings," Borden says.

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