Nicole Kidman Swears by This Daily “Micro Decision” for a Happier Life

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Life goals often take the form of big-ticket milestones like running a marathon, landing your dream job, or mortgaging your first home. Well, ask Nicole Kidman, and she'd contend it's actually the little stuff that matters most. The Big Little Lies star says the "micro decisions" you make on the daily—like squeezing in an extra serving of kale or getting up early to watch the sunrise—are actually the secret sauce for living a truly happy life.

So what's one of the tiny-yet-mighty decisions that fuels Kidman's blissful demeanor? The actress recently told Byrdie she's willing to forgo a morning sweat sesh on those days when her body and mind are just really craving those extra zzz's instead. "I’m willing always to adapt and change. I’m not rigid," she says. And considering that recovery is a total necessity for bouncing back in the age of arduous workout classes, it's a smart choice.

"I’m willing always to adapt and change. I’m not rigid." —Nicole Kidman

In addition to some squeezing in some more snoozing, Kidman is also willing to shake up her routine and give up other commitments to spend more time with her kids and husband, Keith Urban (yet another micro decision that makes a macro difference). "I like that feeling of going, you know what? This morning, I’m just not gonna do that," she says of wake-up workouts. "I’m just gonna sit and read the paper, and we’re all just gonna kick back."

So the next time you want to channel some Kidman-style self-care inspo, think about your priorities and how certain micro decisions might help you satisfy them. Just make sure your willingness to give your gym membership a break don't become a full-on habit. After all, clocking in ample shut-eye and exercising on the regular are both important markers of a healthy lifestyle.

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