How to Rock Your Look While on a Hair Detox, Just Like Nicole Richie

Photo: Instagram/@nicolerichie
Our hair goes through the ringer. As we work our bodies in barre and boot camp (whatever your flavor) to their sweaty core and clean up afterwards, our hair gets dyed, blow-dried, and styled until it's just as exhausted as our muscles.

Fashion designer and actress Nicole Richie is familiar with the (over)-processing involved with maintaining a perfect 'do—which is why she's on a "hair detox" right now. I know, there are so many detoxes being recommended these days—from Jennifer Aniston's favorite workout-detox combo to digital unplugging to the simplest (and science-backed) method of all: sweating—so why bother considering another one? As it turns out, Ritchie's hair detox is actually extremely simple.

What you'll need: coconut oil and confidence.

"The vibe is like, I am who I am right now," Richie tells Style Code Live host Rachel Smith at a recent screening.

“I bleached my hair so much last year that I’m now in a detox," says Richie. "So there’s no color, there’s no straightening, and I have naturally curly hair, so although its nice and slicked back today it’s actually curly right now."

Ritchie is only alternating between a couple of styles as she's going au naturel: "I have like two styles that work and that's okay," she admits. Hey, we get it—not everyone can do their own boxer braids.

So if your locks are in need of a break, perhaps you should try a hair detox a là Richie. "This summer it's all about a coconut oil and a slick back," she says. What better time to take it easy than during these consecutive humid days when you really just want your hair out of your face?

Just slick it back and work your natural look. Is there an easier detox than that? Talk about a simple life.

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