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‘I’m a Hairstylist, and This 2-Item Combo Will Protect Your Strands While You Sleep’

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The most important ingredients in your nighttime skin-care routine are all about repairing your complexion. So why not use your sleeping hours to give your hair the same sort of tender love and care? According to stylists, spending some time on your strands before hitting the pillow is just as important as slathering your skin with retinol and ceramides. And outfitting it with the proper accessories—namely a silk scrunchie and pillowcase—will ultimately leave you with healthier hair during your waking hours.

Instead of grabbing a traditional hair tie and throwing your hair up, Paul Labrecque, a celebrity hairstylist and the artistic director of Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa, recommends twisting it to the top of your head and securing it with a silk scrunchie. The reason? "When you take an [elastic] out of your hair, sometimes the action can rip out hair, and as you sleep, sometimes any movement and head turning in bed can remove it, too," he says. "Silk is a great option for slip control, especially if you find any strands breaking loose from a ponytail on your own." Plus, thanks to silk's delicate nature, it won't leave an indent in your hair, which means you'll be able to maintain your style overnight.

Krystell Barraza Grey Lavender Silk Hair Ties

In addition to properly securing your hair while you sleep, Labrecque also suggests investing in a silk pillowcase. "With a regular pillowcase, you're more likely to see static, and there's a possibility of experiencing unwanted tangles and knots," he explains. "With silk, there will be no static electricity, so your hair has less potential to get knotted than it would if you were sleeping on cotton or linen." Unlike other materials, silk allows the hair to maintain its natural oils, which also helps to prevent frizz and dehydration. And as an added bonus, resting your head on a static-free pillowcase may also help you cut down styling time in the morning.

Ethical Kind White Lotus Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase

Aside from making you feel downright luxurious (a la Daphne Bridgerton et, al) every time you slip into bed, this two-product combo will ensure that you wake up every morning with a good hair day ahead of you.

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