The Two-Step Nighttime Skin-Care Hack That Will Boost Your Glow While You Sleep


After a long day of work, workouts, and generally crushing it, the last thing you want to do is launch into an elaborate skin-care regimen before hitting the sack (sleep > slathering on serums).

To get an expert's take on how to simplify your skin-care situation without sacrificing results, we tapped Well+Good senior beauty editor Ali Finney to share the two-step routine she uses on the nights when her bed is calling her name.

Step one: Use an oil cleanser (which saves time by doubling as a makeup remover) to wash your face. Step two: Use a mineral-enriched serum for max glow-boosting powers. One of her faves is AHAVA's Extreme Night Treatment, which employs potent ingredients from the world's most extreme climates to smooth, repair, and strengthen skin—all while you snooze.

Watch the video above to see the speedy routine in action, plus get the how-to on giving yourself a lymphatic massage to really make the most of your pared-down routine.

In partnership with AHAVA

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