This Fitness Instructor Finds Calm at the Center of Her Miles-Long Beauty Routine

Whether your nighttime skin-care routine is two steps or 10, taking care of your complexion can be a form of self care. Alicia Archer, a New York City-based fitness instructor and beauty vlogger takes that to the next level, with a 13-step nighttime routine. In our latest episode of our YouTube series Self-Care Nation, we follow Archer through her routine, and learn why skin care is so meaningful to her.

She starts by removing carefully her eye make up by dousing two White Rabbit Premium Cotton Pads ($13) with the Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($15). "I make sure I douse these both a lot because you never want to pull or tug and  I gently press on the lashes," Archer says. "I don't swipe just yet, and allow the solution to break down the mascara first, and then after that has been done of course I can press and sweep, press and sweep."

After cleansing and applying serums, Archer makes her way to step eight (yes, we fast-forwaded through a few but you should watch every. last. step): moisturizing. For this, she uses the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recover Cream ($49). It's a hydrating cream, packed with black currant, calendula, and sea buckthorn to help skin chill and get all the moisture it needs. "I smell this and it just wreaks bedtime for me, so mentally, it helps me kind of get into that state of bedtime night recovery," Archer explains.

She finishes by dabbing on neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum ($150), which if you're counting is step 10. "[This serum] is really important especially if you wear a lot of eye makeup and you remove it every day," she says. She finishes off with a few more steps and then its off to bedtime. For her, this routine is very ritualistic and it's something she looks forward to as soon as she wakes up every day.

To see her full routine, watch the full video above. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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