This Workhorse Running Shoe Is a Sure Bet for Anyone Who Needs New Sneaks

Photo: Nike

Space Jam: A New Legacy may be a bust, but here is some truth: When you lace up in the right pair of sneakers—no matter your sport of choice—you feel like Mike, like LeBron, like...totally freaking unstoppable. And rather than lacing up to battle it out with some weird monsters on the basketball court, you instead get to go toe-to-toe with the monsters in your brain. It's why I run. Anytime I need to shake sense out of something in my life, the steps ahead of me are the way to do it, and at present, my shoe of choice that makes me feel invincible is the Nike Pegasus 38.

Known for making responsive, springy footwear, Nike's latest addition to its Pegasus line finds a way to tick all of the boxes. For those who are familiar with the workhorse running shoe in its previous iterations, you'll notice similarities: It's super bouncy, made with responsive foam that aims to provide your foot with feedback to launch you into your next step; it's got a lightweight mesh upper that's airy and keeps your feet cool; and it's really made to last, and last, and last. For those who aren't familiar with the shoe, you basically just need to know that it's a solid bet if you're in the market for a sneaker that will do you right on the road.

When I slip them on my feet, I find that true to its legacy, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 really performs in line with expectations. It feels light on the foot and is easy to wear, without manipulating my stride too much. The pair that I tested has Nike's FlyEase technology, which allows it to be lace-free and easily slipped on with only one hand. While it felt a bit new to run in a zip-up, I didn't sacrifice at all on performance when running in it, and I feel like this type of technology should become more standardized throughout the fitness industry at large. That way, everyone can participate in sport.

One thing that's extra cool about the Peg 38s is that you can customize them by using the Nike By You functionality, which means that you can choose things like arch support to fit your foot type as well as traction material to make your sneakers extra grippy. Since everyone's feet and run needs are different, this gives you real authority over what feels best to your body, particularly because having a shoe that fits properly is a key way to preventing injury and staying on your feet.

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