The One Ingredient That Will Make Your Green Smoothie Taste Good, According to Nina Agdal

Photo: Instagram/@ninaagdal
Nina Agdal doesn't do anything half-assed. This is, after all, the Victoria's Secret model who works out on the reg at one of New York City's toughest studios and admits to loading up her plate with "a lot of steak."

So no surprise that she's equally all-in when it comes to taking care of her skin—starting with drinking at least one green bev a day to maintain that out-of-this-world glow. "I keep it super clean and simple," she revealed at a recent Ole Henriksen launch event. "I like to have green juices or smoothies, and try to [drink] one as a meal in order to get a bunch of vitamins. That helps me a lot, besides drinking a ton of water."

"I'm only happy if I feel healthy on the inside."

Sipping on something green every single day might sound like a serious commitment, but it turns out that her go-to smoothie recipe is filled with items you probably already have in the fridge. "I like something with pineapple, spinach, ginger, lemon, and celery," says Agdal. The key ingredient? The tropical fruit, which keeps the drink from veering into salad-flavor territory. "I need the pineapple to make it actually taste delicious," she admits.

If you're not quite ready to be reaching for a straw every single day, there's one product that Agdal recommends adding to your arsenal: "I love rosewater—I'm always on the go, so I prefer things to be quick and easy." (Maybe she can repurpose those roses her BF Leonardo DiCaprio surely gave her and make her own DIY version.)

Ultimately, she believes it's all about taking an inside-out approach to beauty. "To me, confidence is about staying healthy and fit," says Agdal. "I'm only happy if I feel healthy on the inside." I'll drink (a green smoothie) to that.

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