Nina Dobrev’s Secret to Never Losing Sleep on the Road Costs Only $1

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The topic of how to achieve work-life balance gets tons of airplay. But hacks on how to balance real life versus social media life are a bit more nebulous, no matter how many of us try to crack the code. It’s something actress Nina Dobrev wrestles with, too. We caught up with the Flatliners star and Reebok x LES Mills ambassador at LA’s Create & Cultivate conference, where the actress addressed the crowd of entrepreneurial women about not living for the ‘gram.

“It’s a constant struggle between Instagram life and personal life," she said. "You’ve got to have other things going on. If not, you’ll start living a dull, monotonous life. I want to live life, feel inspired and be genuine. At one point, everything was a filter—it’s not a good message. It’s important to show the real side of being human and not the highlight real.”

While Dobrev can live without some of the trappings of social media, she can’t live without a few key things that help keep her refreshed and thriving when on the go. Ahead, Dobrev shares a few of the go-to products and hacks she uses to help maintain wellness IRL.

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nina dobrev wellness
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Dior Lip Glow, $34

“Dior has this lip balm that also tints your lips. It looks cute, it’s yummy, and it’s very hydrating,” she says.

nina dobrev wellness
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Vital Protein Collagen Peptides, $25

“When I’m sick or not feeling great, I’m all about the juices ," says Dobrev. "It seems like the worse the taste, the better it is for you, so I do ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, oregano oil—ugh, double ugh— lemon, everything.” When she’s not sick, Dobrev says she boosts her protein shakes with this dairy and gluten-free collagen powder.

nina dobrev wellness
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White Noise App, $1

“No product is going to replace sleep—if you don’t rest, those dark circles are not going to go away," says Dobrev. "I use a sound machine app on my phone called White Noise. I sleep so much better with it, especially when I travel.”

nina dobrev wellness
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Cle de Peau Concealer, $70

“I travel a lot and sleep at strange hours so I get pretty bad dark circles,” Dobrev says. “For the days that I don’t sleep that well, the Cle de Peau Concealer has the best coverage and longest-lasting hold.”

nina dobrev wellness
Photo: Reebok

Reebox x Les Mills Lux Tight, $60

Dobrev calls her partnership with Reebok x Les Mills a “no brainer,” saying, “I love working out and basically live in work out gear whether I’m at the gym or in my day to day street style. The Reebok x Les Mills Lux Tight is one of my favorites because it’s great for outside of the gym as well.”

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