6 No-Bloat Breakfast Recipes Full of Gut-Boosting Benefits

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You've got your day all planned out: morning yoga, major work meeting, followed by a dance party with friends. But then your breakfast lands in your stomach with a thud and suddenly you're dealing with such intense bloating that you're having trouble thinking about anything other than...relief.

The answer definitely isn't skipping breakfast—rather, it's about eating smarter and making your gut happier. (That plate of bacon and tall glass of milk aren't going to do you any favors.)

Bless the bloat-free gods for all the spices, herbs, and probiotic-rich foods that help, not hurt, digestion. Rounded up here are breakfast recipes that use nature's best gut-boosters as their star ingredients. Bonus: They're all simple enough that you can make them while you're still half-asleep.

Keep reading for six no-bloat breakfast recipes.

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1. Warm Flax Seed Porridge 

Step one for avoiding bloat: Stick with anti-inflammatory foods like flaxseeds, the main ingredient in this warming breakfast porridge. They're packed with antioxidants and fiber—both key for keeping the gut balanced.

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2. Spring Onion Frittata

Eggs are an a.m. staple and in this recipe are paired with prebiotic- and probiotic-packed asparagus, a bloat-busting fave. Another gut-friendly ingredient used here is tarragon, which is loaded with antioxidants and B vitamins.

3. No-Bloat Breakfast Parfait 

The combo of fennel, mint, Greek yogurt, and berries make for a light and filling breakfast packed with all sorts of yummy ingredients that keep your belly happy—AKA probiotics, fiber, and antioxidants.

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4. Papaya Colada Smoothie

Tropical fruit like papaya and kiwi contain enzymes that help to break down proteins in your GI tract. That's basically just a more scientific way of saying: Sayonara bloating, hello paradise!

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5. Bali Bliss Papaya Salad 

Papaya is one of the best foods there is for calming a swelled stomach—thanks to being a papain (that's the key enzyme in the fruit) goldmine, which helps break down fiber and get things, you know, moving.

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6. Congee Breakfast Porridge

Congee is a breakfast staple in many other parts of the world like Asia and Australia—and a big part of the appeal is its probiotic goodness. In this recipe, the mixture of fermented cabbage and radishes help boost good bacteria in the gut. Consider it the morning version of your fave nighttime ramen, sans noodles.

Originally posted August 2, 2017. Updated May 18, 2018.

Another way to reduce bloating: Getting more vitamin D. But if you have gut problems on the reg, you might want to consider the Low-FODMAP Diet.

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