Good News: There Are *Zero* Planets Retrograde Until April, Temporarily Freeing You From Cosmic Chaos

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Much like the "retro" prefix implies, a planetary retrograde happens when a planet appears to move in reverse from our perspective on Earth. And the astrological impact is similarly retroactive, pushing us to "revisit previous storylines" (particularly when Mercury is retrograde) rather than supporting us in new endeavors, says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. (Seriously, don't try to start new things during Mercury retrograde.) The resulting energy can feel very... one step forward, two steps back. But come January 27, we'll enter a fortuitous period of time during which no planets are retrograde, until April 1.

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This welcome news comes in the wake of Uranus (a generational planet ruling over innovation and rebellion) ending its months-long retrograde and joining the rest of the planets in forward motion on January 27. And given that Mercury—which was retrograde at the end of last year and turned direct on January 1—also just exited its post-retrograde shadow period on January 20, we are now truly being given the "cosmic green light" to make big moves and set new things in motion, says Marquardt.

It's not that all retrograde periods are necessarily bad; in fact, there are some inherent benefits of retrogrades, which can help us reflect on and learn from our actions. Nonetheless, they can be a hassle while they're happening, holding us back from making progress within the realms of life over which the given planet rules (which is why Mercury retrogrades can wreak such havoc in Mercury-ruled areas of travel and communication). During this no-retrograde period from January 27 to April 1—and briefly again from April 25 to May 2, after Mercury's spring retrograde—we don't have any cosmic resistance, says Marquardt: "When all planets are direct, we have an ability to build momentum on anything we want to achieve."

"When all planets are direct, we have an ability to build momentum on anything we want to achieve." —Ryan Marquardt, astrologer

Much like all the planets on their forward roll, we tend to move forward more quickly, too, during times when no planets are retrograde. "We feel the storylines in our life unfolding more swiftly and with more ease," says Marquardt. “It’s an excellent time for fresh starts, such as launching a business, making a big announcement, or finalizing an important life decision like moving, changing jobs, or entering into a new relationship.” This is because the universe is more supportive of initiation and innovation during this time, allowing new beginnings to bear fruit quickly. During this time, new people, things, or events may also present themselves to you, helping you accelerate along the path that you're traveling in life.

But because that forward progress can happen at hyper-speed during periods when no planets are retrograde, it's important to take note of exactly what direction you're headed, cautions Marquardt. "You could easily experience a snowball effect in whatever direction you're channeling your time, energy, and resources," he says. "Momentum can build rapidly, and if you get too swept up in the energy without a plan, you could find yourself heading fast in the wrong direction.”

In any case, this chunk of time is ripe for setting new plans or ideas into motion (and receiving fated support for their success). But even if you aren't actively pursuing anything new or any particular element of self-growth, expect the harmony of the direct planets to bring new storylines into your life, anyway—and don't ignore the opportunities they might signal, says Marquardt.

Once we approach April, however, the energy will start to shift, as a couple planets begin to slow down, preparing to go retrograde once more. First up is Mercury, which goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. Though the end of its retrograde on April 25 brings that second retrograde-free period, that's just as quickly interrupted by Pluto, which goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 2. “After that,” notes Marquardt, “the rest of this year will have at least one planet retrograde at all times.”

To be sure, that isn't to say things will all just go downhill during the back half of the year. Rather, you might just face some obstacles or delays as you go about starting anything new—at which point, it's helpful to view these roadblocks not as random annoyances getting in the way of your path, but as part of the path itself, says Marquardt. (That is, a part whose purpose you may not understand until after you get through it.) But again, that's a bridge we'll all cross when we get to it—in April. And until then, says Marquardt, "let's just enjoy the free-fall feeling of all planets moving forward!"

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