The Best No-Show Socks That Actually Stay Put, Whether You’re Wearing Sneakers, Flats, or Heels

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Whether it’s a new pair of Crocs, clogs, ballet flats, or low-cut sneakers, a chunky high-cut sock can ruin your whole look. That’s where no-show socks come in. They provide stealthy comfort and support without having to sacrifice style. If you’ve ever worn a pair of flats with unsightly, too-high ankle socks, you know exactly what I’m talking about. (And if you’ve ever attempted to fold over your ankle socks to make them lower, then you really understand!)

The thing to keep in mind when searching for the right pair of no-show socks to buy, is that they come in a variety of options all with their own specific purpose. In other words, you’ve gotta know exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re in need of something strictly for running and working out, a half-sock that’s made for your platform mules won’t do. And if you want something cute for your new loafers, a thick, athletic pair probably won’t be ideal either.

Ahead, you’ll find the best no-show socks for all sorts of shoe endeavors, from aloe-infused pairs to fun leopard print options.

Best no-show socks for women

copper socks
Copper Fit Unisex No Show Ankle Socks — $10.00

If you’re looking for a standard no-show sock that does the job, this Copper Fit style is an ideal pick. It offers ample support while the moisture wicking fabric will help with sweaty feet. However, if you’re looking for something with thicker fabric, you might want to go for something different (keep scrolling!).

Tavi Casual Grace No Show Socks — $7.00

Available in a good number of patterns and colors, your feet will never get bored with these socks. Just keep in mind that they’re more for casual outfits—workout days will most likely require a more supportive style.

features no show socks
Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Solid Running Socks — $18.00

In the market for a serious running sock that doesn’t play around and offers support like targeted compression and a back tab to prevent blisters and irritation? Look no further. It’s pretty pricey compared to other socks, but runners swear this is the only kind of sock you’ll want to wear.

definite socks
Definite Articles The Women's No Show Sock — $15.00

If sustainability is an important factor in your lifestyle, you might want to look into Definite Articles. The brand relies on a natural additive that makes the tiny plastic particles in its activewear shed up to 25 percent less than standard activewear when washed, and also biodegrades faster in water, soil or landfill-like conditions. The particles are also BPA-free and made with recycled plastic—all fairly decent options until the industry can create a completely sustainable alternative.

lululemon socks
Lululemon Power Stride No-Show Sock with Active Grip — $38.00

These come in a wide assortment of colors, whether you prefer no-frills neutrals or attention-getting neon. They’re specifically made for runners, so if you’re doing something that requires floor work, like pilates or strength training, you might want to opt for something different.

no show socks
Arvin Goods No Show Sock — $9.00

Our senior commerce editor tested these no-show socks while taking her pups on a three-mile walk and again when she was running around all day at a conference for work. These did *not* budge, thanks to the elastic cuff that hugs your feet. They’re made from a blend of upcycled cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane for stretch, and they’re just padded enough so you feel cushioning between your bare feet and the shoes you’re wearing. If you need something with a bit more coverage, the Athletic Short Sock will fit the bill—it’s comfortable (kudos to the elastic arch support—something folks with flat feet or fallen arches will appreciate), breathable, and, again, stays put.

bombas Cushioned No Shows 8-Pack
Bombas Cushioned No Shows 8-Pack — $90.00

These all-year-long socks from Bombas are beloved for a really good reason (several, in fact). They’re made of a cotton blend, have a seamless toe, and a cushioned footbed for extra comfort when you’re on your feet. Bombas has cracked the code on their no-show design (it’s the stay-put heel grips and flexible foot coverage that keeps these in place all day long), and they’re ultra comfortable.

stance catty no show socks
Stance Catty No Show Socks — $15.00

These funky animal print socks will brighten up your soles any day, but keep them for casual footwear like lowcut sneakers and loafers rather than fitness.

peds socks
‎Peds Women's Grippers Tactel Nylon 2-Pack Liner Mule Socks — $6.00

When it comes to backless shoes like clogs, mules, and Crocs, the typical no-show sock won’t do. Which is why half-socks, like this pair, are key. Just don’t reach for them when it’s time to hit the gym as you’ll probably want more protection for your heels.

Keysocks Lowkey No-Show Socks — $10.00

If you’re tired of no-show socks falling down and ruining your night, these are the antidote. These higher-cut socks wrap around your ankles preventing anything from slipping. However, outfits are somewhat limited since you’ll have to wear pants to conceal them.

no show socks amazon
Toes Home ​​Ultra Low Cut Liner Socks — $13.00

People love these socks for slight support while wearing shoes like closed-toe heels and flats. Some reviewers complain that they can be tight in the toe area, so those with wider feet might want to keep that in mind.

Hue No Show Socks — $7.00

Socks infused with aloe? Sign us up. These simple no-show socks are great for flats and other low cut shoes, but tend to be on the sheer side. So, as long as you don’t need fitness-level support you should be good.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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