The Best Thing on the Internet Today? Noah Centineo Joining the Multi-Masking Club

Photo: Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer
Ever since Noah Centineo stole the internet's heart playing Peter Kavinsky in Netflix's To All the Boys I Loved Before, he's also taken on a secondary role as "America's boyfriend." But just when you thought you couldn't possibly dream up a better pretend S.O. to share drinkable yogurts with, the actor appeared in a video by Allure partaking in one of your most-treasured self-care rituals: multi-masking.

In the video, Centineo actually follows the ABCs of this beauty practice (whether he knows it or not), by applying the various hued masks next to rather than on top of one another. After smearing a dark grey product on his right cheek, a lighter one on his left, and a white one across his forehead, the actor looks at the camera and says, "This is modern art. It's going to be showing at MoMA." Just call him the Jackson Pollock of face-masking.

While waiting the required 20 minutes for the respective beautifiers to work their magic, Centineo snaps a few selfies (because, of course). And finally, before taking a much-deserved bow, he sums up all your feeling about multi-masking in one sentence: "Guys, I have stuff on my face, and I'm loving it." Same, same, Peter K.

Now the only question is: How do we score an invite to the multi-masking and chill sesh?

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