The 14 Best Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine, and Spirit Options to Try

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Every year, many people try out Dry January with varying success. If you're looking to extend your efforts into the year or just want to cut down on your alcohol intake in general, that doesn't mean your drink options have to be dull. Whereas the mocktails of the past may have been little more than lemon-spiked sparkling water, nowadays there is a plethora of booze alternatives to make the month and beyond a bit more bearable.

Whether you’re looking for an alt-wine or faux liquor to make your way through your New Year’s resolution, you certainly don’t need a hard drink to find your happy time. While you might be familiar with OG non-alcoholic beverage brands like Seedlip,  here are some of our other favorite drink products to keep things interesting as you cut down on your consumption these next few weeks—or longer, depending on your goals. Plus, you may even skirt annoying symptoms like headache, nausea, or chest pain after drinking alcohol.

Best non-alcoholic wine

acid league wine proxies
Acid League Wine Proxies — $60.00

Acid League, known best for its artisan vinegars that blend sharp flavors and interesting profiles, launched non-alcoholic wine in December 2020. Called Wine Proxies, these blends of juices, teas, spices, and bitters—all vinegar- and fermentation-based—are thoughtfully crafted by the brand’s winemaker to pair well with your favorite meal. Each month the brand will have three new types of wine available for purchase, either as a one-off set of three or as part of a monthly subscription series.

ariel non-alcoholic cabernet sauvignon
Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Premium Dealcoholized Wine, — $80.00

Your favorite California cabernet doesn’t have to come with a side of a headache thanks to the non-alcoholic version from Ariel. Made in a sustainable winery that calls Paso Robles home, this wine is made just like its alcoholic cousins (fermented in stainless steel then aged in oak barrels), but then has its alcohol removed through cold filtration techniques.

sovi non-alcoholic rose
Sovi Sparkling Rose — $28.00

You can really rosé all day without any guilt with Sovi, a sparkling rosé with the alcohol removed. The grapes used are sustainably sourced from California growers, the alcohol is gently boiled off without affecting the wine’s taste, and a touch of grape juice concentrate is added for balance. Each can is only 25 calories, and there’s also a non-alcoholic red blend, too.

sure sparkling white non alcoholic wine
Surely Sparkling White — $33.00

Go ahead and pop some bubbly for everyday or special occasions. Surely’s sparkling white is made with grapes from California vineyards and starts out as actual wine. It’s then put through a technology called Spinning Cone Column that uses a vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol but leave the crisp, effervescent taste for you to enjoy.


Best non-alcoholic beer

mikkeller weird weather non-alcoholic ipa
Mikkeller Weird Weather Non-Alcoholic IPA — $15.00

Non-alcoholic beers may sound like a waste of time, but Danish brewery Mikkeller has proven that this doesn’t have to be the case. With its non-alcoholic IPA, Mikkeller manages to recreate many of the same flavors you’d expect of a New England IPA, all without the alcohol.

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA — $13.00

This Connecticut-based brewery exclusively makes non-alcoholic beer, a product the company’s co-founder says was initially a tough sell to brewers and distributors. But with the rise of interest in non-alcoholic drinks came a surge in growth for the company, and for good reason. While there’s no alcohol in these brews, that doesn’t mean there’s no flavor, and Athletic Brewing makes sure that its beers are worth cracking open after a long day. The award-winning IPA tastes like an IPA, without any of the next-day side effects.

HOP WTR — $37.00

Get the hoppy taste of an IPA without alcohol, gluten, calories, or sugar. HOP WTR’s main ingredients are dry hops and sparkling water, and it’s also infused with adaptogens and nootropics to help you de-stress. You can go for the classic version, or fruitier versions like lime, mango, or blood orange.

brew dog punk af
BrewDog Punk AF — $30.00

BrewDog is brewed with hops from all over the world, and then goes through a micro-fermentation process to feed the yeast to the point of alcohol creation but not further, to make sure the “near beer” retains its

Suntory ALL-FREE

hoppy taste but without the alcohol or extra calories. There are also other versions with equally fun tastes and names like Hazy AF, Wake-Up Call, Elvis AF, and more.

suntory all free non alcoholic beer
Suntory ALL-FREE — $14.00

Crafted in Japan, Suntory ALL-FREE is made from two-row barley malt and aroma hops and uses a production method to remove the fermentation, leaving behind a zero-calorie, zero-alcohol beer alternative that still tastes like beer. Win-win.

Best mocktails and spirits

ritual zero proof whiskey alternative drink
Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative — $30.00

While non-alcoholic clear spirits and aperitifs have become more common in recent years, booze-free versions of whiskey, bourbon, and rye are harder to find. Enter Ritual Zero Proof, which makes three different non-alcoholic drinks—including its award-winning, best-selling Whiskey Alternative. Whether you’re looking for a way to make an alcohol-free margarita, gin and tonic, or old fashioned, you can make it with the spirit-less spirits from Ritual. The brand makes gin, whiskey, and tequila, all sans alcohol and sans calories.

Kin Euphorics Dream Light
Kin Euphorics Dream Light — $39.00

Another one of the non-alcoholic beverage brands making mocktails cool, Kin Euphorics has an elegant collection of zero-alcohol beverages that feature adaptogens and nootropics. Promising to restore or boost your mood, the delicious flavor offerings more than make up for their lack of alcohol. A personal favorite among the three recipes is the Dream Light, whose “earthy, smoky, smoothly spiced” description perfectly matches its flavor profile. It contains melatonin, reishi mushroom, and tryptophan to support relaxation and sleep—making it perfect before bed.

Free Spirits The Spirit of Tequila — $37.00

Like Ritual Zero Proof, Free Spirits also makes its own non-alcoholic gin, tequila, and whiskey. Described as spa-water placebos, the products from Free Spirits are infused with B vitamins to help support mood. The tequila analog is distilled from Mexican blue agave to provide that same flavor profile, sans booze—ensuring that your virgin margaritas still taste like the real deal.

curious elixirs no 1
Curious Elixir No. 1 Booze-Free Cocktail — $39.00

There is plenty to be curious about when it comes to Curious Elixirs, the non-alcoholic beverage brand making craft cocktails without any booze to speak of. Infused with adaptogens and crafted with classic cocktail flavors in mind, Curious Elixirs makes beautiful bottles of familiar yet non-traditional cocktails (like the No. 1, a botanical take on the Negroni) that are tasty without even the possibility of a hangover.

monday zero-proof gin
Monday Zero Alcohol Gin — $40.00

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic spirit that looks as good as it tastes, check out Monday Gin. Thanks to the use of traditional botanicals like juniper and citrus, it tastes like an herbaceous version of gin, sans alcohol. Pair it with tonic or your favorite mixer to have an enjoyable sip suitable for any time of day.

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