5 Non-Cheesy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

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Dopamine! Adrenaline! Norepinephrine, oh my! Nothing gets those neurotransmitters going quite like being in love. And while the feeling itself is purely euphoric, the holiday celebrating the four-letter word can feel a little, well, cheesy.

The usual chocolate-flower-stuffed-animal Valentine's Day combo can be cute and all, but doing the same cliché thing year-after-year can get tired pretty quickly. By the time yet another February 14th rolls around, the thought of a home filled with long-stemmed roses is enough to inspire a Liz Lemon eye roll in even the most hopeless romantic.

IMHO, a chic, 21st-century update is in order. In lieu of silky sheets and the same old-same-old conversation, here are five easy ways to give your home a romantic (and sure, thematic) update that you'll actually want to show off on Instagram.

Keep scrolling for some quick-hit tips on how to decorate your home for Valentine's Day.

Limit the red and pink

The whole “roses are red” things gets a lot more credit than “violets are blue,” but it’s time to change that. Try using the cool tones to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. "You could even think outside the box and go for decor that isn't the typical red or pink, but maybe a soft, pastel blue,” says entertaining expert Rachel Parcell, behind Pink Peonies. 

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Embrace the balloons

Roll your eyes all you want at the idea of bringing helium into your home, but Mylar done right can create a festive look that shows off your personality in a kitschy way. Go for the big metallic ones, and get creative by using letters (like an X O, for instance).

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Think beyond the roses

When it comes to flowers, you can think beyond the red roses (though, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for them too sometimes). Parcell suggests bouquets with red tulips and pink peonies, or totally switching it up with some stargazer lillies.

Grab a garland

If a bouquet and vase combo isn’t quite your thing, get your floral fix with a garland. Place it on the table to add a natural element to your dinner scene, or hang it in the bedroom to make it feel extra cozy.

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Get #lit

Part zen, part romance, nothing sets the mood quite like a perfectly scented candle. Opt for something extra luxe in rose, jasmin or sandalwood, all of which are part of the romantic olfactory family.

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