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19 Best Wellness Deals To Shop During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Every summer, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale puts thousands of the mega-retailer's best items on sale in just about every category. Grab what you need and what you don't. Grab gifts for loved ones and gifts for yourself (looking at you, Leos).

During the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you can stock up on Olaplex, score the world's comfiest bra for under $30, snag the best running shoes out there, and more. The sale is on now for Nordstrom credit card holders and begins for everyone else on Wednesday, July 28. It ends on Sunday, August 8. In case you're looking for recommendations, our editors pored over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview and selected 20 of their favorite wellness deals for you to shop below.

19 items we're adding to our carts during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Brooklyn Candle Studio Studio Set of 3 Scented Candle Gift Set — $48.00

“These soy-wax candles are hand-poured at Brooklyn Candle Studio, a shop and online destination from Filipina-American founder Tamara Mayne,” says Erica Sloan, associate lifestyle editor at Well+Good. “Its minimalist glass jars stand in as décor in almost any setting, and the scents are just the right amount of dreamy, without feeling obtrusive. The garden trio contains my personal favorites—three floral-fresh candles that delightfully bring the outdoors in.”


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Set — $38.00

“Of all the products in my beauty editor arsenal, this is the one I truly can’t live without—I’ve been using it every day for 5 years, and thankfully have timed my restock with the Nordstrom sale,” says Zoë Weiner, beauty and fitness editor at Well+Good. “It gently cleanses my skin and somehow gets rid of even the most stubborn mascara, and doesn’t irritate or strip my dry skin. Plus, with its fresh cucumber scent, it smells like a spa treatment in a bottle.”

Nordstrom Lingire Moonlight Short Pajamas — $29.00

Pajama shorts are always my go-to. Most of them, however, I’ve had for years. This sale has come just in time to step up my sleepwear game. This set from Nordstrom Lingerie is super-soft and lightweight, made from a modal-spandex mix. It comes in animal print (pictured), gray heather, navy, and black.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Running Shoe — $90.00

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is such a good running shoe that two editors from our fitness team both selected them. “The Pegasus is the best running shoe in my opinion and it’s my go-to,” says Tamara Pridgett, beauty and fitness editor at Well+Good. “I go through at least two pairs a year, and if you’re anything like me or simply ready to invest in a new running shoe, this is my recommendation.”

“I’ve been running in the Peg 38s for a few months, and the spring-loaded, cushy goodness that the running shoe offers can’t be understated,” adds Ali Fitness, beauty and fitness director at Well+Good. “I find that I’m better able to find my strides and the miles come more easily than when I run in a stability shoe.”

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle — $120.00

“I am very passionate about pour-over coffee, but making it properly on busy mornings—especially before I have caffeine in my system—can be a struggle. Not to be dramatic, but this electric kettle changed my life,” says Betty Gold, senior food editor at Well+Good. “It comes with variable temperature control settings, so all you have to do is press ‘Start’ on the LCD screen and it automatically heats up to the ideal 200 degree (or whatever setting you choose) temp. Once the kettle finishes heating, start the stopwatch to nail the perfect extraction time, or use the handy ‘Hold’ feature if you’re still in the shower or walking the dog (this will hold it at the brew temp for up to an hour). Also, did I mention how pretty this kettle is? Everyone who comes over comments on its sleek design and chic wooden handle.” This kettle comes in black (pictured) and white and usually retails for $169.

True & Co. True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bralette — $29.00

As someone who spends most of my time braless, if I am going to wear a bra, it needs to be comfortable, providing a bit of shape and structure without any underwire. This one from True & Co. fits all of the boxes. It’s a buttery-soft convertible bra made without wires, elastic, or seams, providing you with gentle support. It’s available in five colors: black (pictured), gray, beige, white, and rose.

Khiel’s Amino Acid Shampoo — $37.00

“Ever since I had an Equinox membership—what a glorious year that was!—I’ve been head over heels for this Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner,” says Finney. “It creates a nice lather with plenty of suds, but because the formula also contains wheat proteins and wheat amino acids, it strengthens hair rather than creating breakage. Now, you can buy the liter bottle and refill it with less waste from this sack. It’s on sale for $37, down from $56.”

Le Labo Santal 26 Set of 3 Concrete Votives — $96.00

“I cook a lot, and scent-wise, that is generally a good thing,” says Gold. “But let’s be honest: There are times when you don’t want to wake up in the morning to the smell of seared ahi tuna fillets or garlicky sesame broccoli. These votive candles from Le Labo make my little Manhattan apartment smell cozy, chic, and completely free from any lingering aromas of last night’s dinner. How many of them do I need to keep around at all times? The limit does not exist.”

Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil — $84.00

“There’s a reason why this little navy blue bottle is one of the top-selling facial oils around. Developed to be massaged into your skin at night time, this blend of botanical oils leaves your face glowing by the time your alarm clock goes off the next morning,” says Gina Vaynshteyn, senior commerce editor at Well+Good. “The main formula includes squalane, primrose, and lavender, a trifecta of ingredients that hydrate, firm, and soothe your skin while you sleep. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and the largest (3.4 oz.) bottle will last you quite a while (you only need a few drops to cover your whole face). My only complaint is that it’s pricey, so get it while it’s a whopping $41.50 off right now.”

Herschel Supply Co. Nova Sprout Diaper Backpack — $87.00

“Herschel is known for its cute, durable bags, and the Baby Nova Sprout—which is easy to clean, has loads of pockets, and comes with a matching changing pad—is a win for anyone who wants style and functionality,” says Patia Braithwaite, health director at Well+Good. This backpack comes in four styles: gray (pictured), camo, gray camo, and blur roses.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings — $65.00

These faux leather leggings are a favorite among Well+Good editors, and that’s because they’re just as cute as they are comfortable. They’re not designed for exercise, so consider these your almost-pants leggings. A pair you can wear running errands or grabbing lunch.

Wacoal How Perfect No-Wire Contour Bra — $43.00

“Since many of us worked out of our pajamas for a year, the idea of having to wear real clothes (mainly, bras) again can be a tough pill to swallow. But maybe a better way to ease back into our pre-pandemic wardrobe is to rethink wires. Wired bras, that is,” says Vaynshteyn. “Could there be a better solution to getting the support we need without the discomfort? The answer is yes: Wacoal’s How Perfect No-Wire contour bra is as close to going braless as you’ll get (while still wearing a bra). It’s made with a super-soft blend of nylon and spandex that supports sizes 34A to 34DDD with straps that increase in width based on your needs. Designed with comfort in mind, it can be worn with low-cut tops, tees, and dresses, offering a smooth, seamless fit. Available in a light rose and navy, get yourself this bra while it’s on sale ($22 off!).”

Atelier Saucier Le Duet Set of 2 Reclaimed Tea Towels — $30.00

“Cloth napkins might sound like something Grandma would whip out for a fancy dinner—but not these guys from Atelier Saucier,” says Sloan. “They’re a totally modern, elevated take that’s also doubly sustainable: Not only can you use them again and again unlike their paper counterparts, but they’re also created from deadstock fashion fabrics (aka extra scraps that were destined for a landfill). The chambray color is a goes-with-anything blue—and because they’re machine-washable, it’s easy to keep them clean and fresh even with everyday use.” They’re also available in white.

Soeder North Stream Natural Hand Sanitizer — $12.00

“Soeder North Stream Natural Hand Sanitizer has 70 percent alcohol, which is in line with what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends,” said Braitwaite. “The cute glass bottle and the essential oils make it a little fancier than your average hand sanitizer.”

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw Blanket — $98.00

“If I could live in this Barefoot Dreams blanket, I would. And if I learned anything during quarantine, it’s that I kind of can… so I will,” says Berger. Get this blanket during the sale and save over $50. It comes in 16 colors, including seafood green (pictured), cream, and faded rose.

ugg slipper
UGG Cozette Genuine Shearling Slipper — $60.00

“There’s nothing more luxurious than a soft pair of slippers. And UGG does it best,” Vaynshteyn says, adding that this color brightens her mood in the morning when she’s making her third cup of coffee. “What’s best about these is that they have grippy bottoms, and my two-dog household (random puddles of water/drool/kibble everywhere) that’s a must.”

malin goetz
Malin + Goetz Jumbo Size Peppermint Shampoo — $50.00

“Malin+Goetz products never disappoint. This clarifying shampoo is ultra-cleansing but never leaves me feeling dry or brittle. The peppermint oil is an instant refresher on my scalp (and my nose),” Says Commerce Writer Francesca Krempa.

Oribe Magic Duo Dry Shampoo & Dry Texturizing Spray Set — $64.00

“I can’t gush about Oribe more, probably. Both their dry shampoo and dry texturizing spray give more life and volume to my hair, so I only have to wash it a couple times a week (and my hair is very oily!). Plus, the smell is divine. The formula truly is invisible, too, which I appreciate as someone with dark brown hair,” says Vaynshteyn.

Zella Restore Soft Pocket Leggings — $40.00

“We’re not in lockdown anymore, but I pretty much only wear leggings—still. I love Zella’s because they’re super soft, don’t get all stretched out around my ankles, and they’ve got pockets! Maybe I should have led with the fact that they have pockets,” Vaynshteyn suggests.

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