November 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-Being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s time to take a breather: November arrives with a much-needed sense of slowness and stillness on the heels of a dramatic eclipse season. As Saturn slows its roll ahead of ending its retrograde on November 4, we’re reminded that time is an essential ingredient in any recipe. Taking a leisurely approach, maintaining an air of accountability, and honoring the wisdom of experience may pay off in spades this month, as every sign’s November 2023 wellness horoscope will include some emotional and moody undertones.

November 13, in particular, angles us toward our emotional depths as the new moon arrives in Scorpio. This lunation offers us a potent opportunity to really dig into what matters in our life. Passions may be stirred, but that’s to be expected; the annual Scorpio new moon always pushes us to lead with the heart rather than the head.

That journey could take you to unexpected places this go-round, as the new moon forms a powerful opposition to innovative Uranus. It’s a time for embracing out-of-the-ordinary perspectives and painting outside the lines. That applies extra because intense Mars will also be in Scorpio, right near the new moon. Staying flexible and open to change will help you avert bursts of anger that may otherwise arise if you get caught off guard.

Staying flexible and open to change will help you avert bursts of anger that may otherwise arise if you get caught off guard.

Later in the month, the emotional vibe is replaced with a more creative one, as Scorpio season gives way to Sagittarius season on November 22, and a full moon arrives on November 27 in thoughtful Gemini. It’s a lunation that encourages us to collect ideas and inspirations that support our philosophies and beliefs. Consider embracing artistic endeavors and spiritual pursuits; working actively to find perspective and self-express will help you avoid spaciness as communication-oriented Mercury forms a tense square with dreamy Neptune on the same day.

That said, not all signs will feel these cosmic features to the same extent as others. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to uncover your personal November 2023 wellness horoscope and learn how to navigate the month in ways that will amplify your awareness and well-being.

November 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Be open to the extraordinary around November 11, Aries, when your planetary ruler Mars opposes renegade Uranus. Instead of waiting for surprises, surprise yourself and others by pivoting your go-to approaches. By maintaining a stance of adaptability, you may stave off some of the anxious feelings that could otherwise arise.

As Mars forms a conjunction with the sun (aka a cazimi) on November 18, it also fires up your desire to share yourself on a deeper level. Championing your needs in a close relationship can make you more aware of just what this partnership can offer you.

Wellness tip: If the uncertainties of life are leaving you a bit unsettled, try adding a few drops of Aspen flower essence to your water bottle each day this month, as it can inspire your courage to meet and greet the unknown.


Watch out for your tendency to don rose-colored glasses on November 3, Taurus, as your planetary ruler Venus opposes dreamy Neptune. That’s not to say that you can’t romanticize your life; just be careful that a desire for something to be a certain way doesn’t obscure its reality.

As Venus enters Libra and your sixth house of well-being on November 8, it initiates a three-week period during which focusing on your health may be exceptionally enriching. It’s a time for revamping any daily routines that may not be serving you.

Wellness tip: Identify and work toward accomplishing a mini wellness goal—one that only takes a few days to achieve, such as getting outside each afternoon for a week.


With your planetary ruler Mercury opposing innovative Uranus on November 4, you’ll want to drop any expectations for how discussions or conversations will go, Gemini. If a plan unexpectedly changes, consider how the new circumstances may actually be for the best.

As Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnerships on November 10, you could gain some understanding around your key relationships. And particularly as the Gemini full moon arrives at the end of the month, you’d be wise to attune to your intuition, instill your communication with compassion, and remember that having boundaries is actually a practice of empathy.

Wellness tip: Even when your care is directed toward others, it’s important not to lose yourself in the mix. Self-compassion is elemental in enhancing both your and your loved ones’ well-being.


As the sign ruled by the moon, you may find yourself a bit more sensitive to eclipses than others, Cancer. Now that the most recent ones have come and gone, you could return to a greater well of energy and clarity. As Saturn ends its retrograde, turning direct in your ninth house of exploration, on November 4, you could utilize that clarity to broaden your worldview or perspective. In particular, you can expect more creativity and romance to enter your life, especially in the wake of the new moon on November 13.

Wellness tip: Find a few quotes that really resonate with your life stance, and read them each day this month.


You’re ready for a home refresh, Leo. The November 13 new moon occurs in your fourth house of roots and foundations, offering you a stellar opportunity for a mini redesign project in your home. Don’t overthink it: Even simply moving the furniture around can refresh your space, open up the energy flow, and have you enjoy your home even more.

As the sun is your planetary ruler, when it shifts signs, so, too, do the spheres of life that capture your attention. When it shifts into Sagittarius on November 22, get set for a month during which your creative juices flow, your childlike spirit soars, and your desire for romance feels especially poignant.

Wellness tip: Choose an area in your home that is in need of a little sprucing up, and do a small project—hang a painting, reorganize a counter—to give it some TLC.


When Saturn resumes its forward motion on November 4, it does so in your seventh house of partnerships, Virgo, encouraging similar progress for one of your close relationships. It’ll be important to take responsibility for your part in holding the relationship back—however challenging that may be to do—in order to carve a new path forward.

In the following week, your planetary ruler Mercury forms connections with both illusive Neptune and transformative Pluto, which could encourage you to find new ways to stand in another person’s shoes. Your sense of empathy could be the straightest route to feeling empowered this month.

Wellness tip: Address an unaddressed or lingering issue with that someone special, using active listening skills and expressing kindness as you share your thoughts and feelings.


As your planetary ruler Venus connects with dreamy Neptune on November 3, you may discover how attuning to your spiritual health can enhance your overall well-being, Libra. When the love plant then enters your sign on November 8, it’ll also kick off a three-week period during which you may find yourself just emanating charm without even having to think about it.

Later in the month, you could come to a new understanding about how you act in relationships. When Venus unites with the fated south node (a point in the sky associated with karma and past lives), you could learn how some of your ingrained attitudes and actions may keep you from feeling empowered and confident in your partnerships.

Wellness tip: Reflect upon your personal style and how it represents who you are and what brings you joy.


Shaking it up can serve you well this month, Scorpio. Not only does your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, make an opposition with innovative Uranus (on November 11), but so does the sun on the day of the new moon (November 13). Sure, these alignments may bring with them a dose of shocks and surprises. But if you set out to be the one who initiates change and shifts patterns, not only can you sidestep some potential stress but also, you can access a greater sense of freedom to redesign whatever things in your life have become stagnant.

In addition to shaking it up, remember the power of shaking it off. (Thanks, Taylor!) When possible, take a stance of detachment and let things more readily roll off of you.

Wellness tip: Catch yourself when you’re about to take a habitual approach to a challenge—notably one that usually augments your stress—and see if there’s another way to move forward.


You may find that communication comes easier this month, Sagittarius, as messenger Mercury enters your sign on November 10. And when Sagittarius season starts on November 22, you begin a 30-day period during which your innate joie de vivre is on full display. You can better access the drive and motivation to get things done and champion causes that you’re passionate about when energetic Mars also moves into your sign later in the month.

Because the full moon on November 27 occurs in Gemini—your opposite zodiac sign—it falls in your seventh house of relationships, and with that, it may be easier to see which friendships offer an abundance of flow and which ones are more rife with friction.

Wellness tip: Dust off your journal, and use it as a repository for the influx of thoughts, feelings, and ideas that come your way this month.


Much like Sagittarius, you could find conversations more fruitful and correspondence clearer this month, Capricorn, as your planetary ruler Saturn shifts direct in your third house of communication on November 4.

That said, with Saturn also making a lot of tense alignments with other planets over the month—with Mercury on November 10, the sun on November 23, and Mars on November 25—be aware of the potential for minor conflicts to arise. Aim to look at things from a holistic perspective, and consider how the tension may point to places in you that require attention and healing.

Wellness tip: If you find yourself at odds with someone, take a step back to see if you might actually share some common ground; knowing this can be exceptionally valuable in resolving a conflict.


Key financial insights could emerge for you this month, Aquarius, as Saturn goes direct in your second house of personal resources on November 4. Take a close-up look at how you’re earning and spending your money and whether there might be a different way for you to invest it.

The new moon on November 13 catalyzes a new chapter when it comes to your career. To access insights about new opportunities or directions to consider, make space for your feelings; you could be surprised by what you realize truly nourishes you and what doesn’t.

Wellness tip: Write down a financial goal that you’d like to achieve over the next two years, and make a plan for taking the first step toward it.


You’d be wise to leave a lot of space in your schedule as the month begins, Pisces, with time-honoring Saturn moving direct in your sign on November 4. Now that it will be progressing in a forward direction once more through your first house of identity, you may find yourself accessing new clarity on how you want to express yourself.

Around November 17, as your planetary ruler Neptune makes a flowing connection to intense Mars and the radiant sun, educating yourself about spiritual or philosophical subjects can amplify your energy and inspiration.

Wellness tip: Keep an eye on your to-do lists, seeing if you can consolidate activities to make your schedule more efficient.

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