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According to a Numerologist, We’ll Start Feeling 2022’s Influence in October—Here’s What To Expect

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The year 2020 was a big year of challenges for a number of reasons, many (but not all) of which stem from the onset of the pandemic. And while that energy has in large part spilled over into 2021, thankfully, according to numerology—a system that examines the significance of specific numbers that make up a year, birthdate, numbers that correspond to letters of a name, or other important digits—we can expect certain tides to turn. According to numerologist Josh Siegel, the numerology meaning of 2022, in addition to what awaits us for the remainder of this year, gives reason to believe the future will be challenging, but better than what we've been experiencing. Cue: a collective sigh of relief.

For some numerology 101, with respect to examining numbers of a calendar year, the first two digits set the stage for the year, while the last two digits direct that influence in a particular manner. The base number 20, which kicked off in the year 2000 and will remain significant through 2099, carries an energy of “opposition from two contending forces with the challenge to find common ground,” Siegel says. “Yet, the higher spiritual message of the 20 is that we are in this together and not so separate.”

These big lessons of dissolving the illusion of separateness and finding balance and harmony definitely comes with growing pains, Siegel says, which were felt very strongly in 2020, due to the pandemic, widespread public reckoning with systemic racism, divisive presidential election, and more. “We all were forced to think of not only ourselves but the person next to us,” he says. “It demanded cooperation and reminded us of ‘I am my brother’s keeper.’ However, it also galvanized opposition against government influence or control. It widened the divide even further for some.”

What the rest of 2021 holds, according to numerology

As we dive into the last few months of 2021 amid vaccine hesitancy and other issues separating the well-being of the collective from the preferences of the self, we’ll continue to feel those growing pains. But, Siegel says, for reasons rooted in numerology, there is hope for growth moving forward. “2021 adds the 21 influence to the 20, which lessens some of the concentration on last year’s challenges,” he says. The 21 energy, Siegel explains, has been helpful (and will continue to be) in finding ways through limitations. For instance, many businesses pivoted and found new ways to operate more efficiently in the landscape of pandemic-era limitations.

Still, the divide and imbalance of energy of the number 20 brought about a lot of loss for people over the last year and a half. For that reason, whenever possible, Siegel recommends helping those in need to help restore energetic balance.

Siegel says the number 21 also carries an expressive energy, which has prompted people to speak their minds more than ever. While expressing our voice is healthy, “there has been a problem with choosing sides and filtering one’s reality,” he says. “We need to be more open to information that may challenge our side and make sure we are not denying uncomfortable facts.”

The upside to 21’s expressive influence is that it’s great for creativity, Siegel says. So, if there’s a creative project you’ve been putting on the back burner, now is a great time to tap into those creative juices. Furthermore, Siegel believes that the influence of the number three (2+1 =3) will continue to help us feel more connected to our needs as we close out the year. “That could be helpful in making long-overdue changes that were not recognized before,” he says. “We’ve all been transformed in some way and may feel differently about life.”

What to expect for next year, based on the numerology meaning of 2022

While we’re still a few months away from ringing in the new year, according to Siegel, we’ll start to feel some of 2022’s influence in October. The number 22, he says, is a “master builder” in numerology, meaning it's associated with building a base or structure. So the focus of next year will be all about getting back to normalcy and rebuilding our lives, and Siegel predicts perhaps some sort of infrastructure bill will be instated to help us do so.

The focus of next year will be all about getting back to normalcy and rebuilding our lives.

Balance, particularly in work and relationships, is another big 22 theme. Siegel says it may require a bit more effort next year not to be pulled in one direction or another. That said, he notes that 22’s energy can be powerful when it comes to work-related events. So, folks who think big and are willing to put in the work could see success and growth in that area.

Although good things are brewing according to the numerology meaning of 2022, Siegel warns that we’ll likely still feel the oppositional energy we’ve been experiencing into next year. This is why doing our part to help cultivate more balance in our lives continues to be important.

“It’s really up to us to bring balance to our own lives and bring boundaries to bear if need be,” Siegel says. “We can all do our part to find whatever common ground we can and work together to build a better home and community. That’s easier said than done considering the circumstances, but we are meant to learn from these deeply challenging times.”

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