Get Ready for #BossYear: What 2019 Numerology Means for You

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If you've already sensed this year is going to bring on some pretty powerful changes, you're right. While there are plenty of fun woo-woo ways to find out what the future holds (like picking your personal tarot card), one of the most exciting methods is numerology, which uses numbers to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. Your personal numerology can be derived from your birthdate or numbers that correspond to the letters in your name, but more general numerology can also help elucidate some blessings for the months to come.

In the latest episode of That's So Retrograde, hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari speak with numerologist Remington Donovan to discover exactly what's in store for 2019. While 2018 was a time of "limitless possibilities and a very fluid, graceful ease of things coming to us," as an "11" year, it also was a year when all those things coming to you could feel overwhelming, Donovan says, citing many high-profile suicides. This year, its time to take everything you received from the past and build on it, specifically as it relates to your career. Of 2019, a "3" year, Donovan says to expect "a year of accessing unlimited capabilities and unlimited genius."

"I want everyone to make this year a year of building, a year of achievement, and a boss year," Donovan says. "This is the year of personal empowerment, and if we use that empowerment to also help and guide and empower others, that's the boss energy. Unfortunately, we live in a society [where] the word 'boss' or 'leader' often implies you're a tyrannical jerk. A real leader is going to help others achieve their own success."

"We live in a society [where] the word 'boss' or 'leader' often implies you're a tyrannical jerk. A real leader is going to help others achieve their own success."

While there are numerous positives to a "3" year, there are also some negatives to be aware of. "The other shadow side is going to be feeling disempowered, being way too shy, and way too passive, and kind of meek. When you're tapping into the [negative] side, know you can just turn on the other spectrum. Numerology gives you awareness of the action you can take and how you can just flip the switch," says Donovan. "Things can really work out in your favor; all you have to do is apply some effort and some work. It's okay to start to stand in your authentic glory and power. That doesn't mean it's destructive. This is the year to ask for that raise."

Another indication that now is the moment to go for it? "RockStar Shaman" Alyson Charles' predictions for 2019. In her monthly energy prediction for Well+Good, she takes a longer view, saying, "It’s a year that has the potential to bring manifested lifelong visions and desires and foundational changes, while you are truly living your soul mission and purpose." In other words, don't hold back. Harness all the flowing positive energy flowing right now. With unlimited capabilities and genius, there's no stopping you from becoming the boss you're meant to be.

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