Meet the Next Class of NYC Fitness Studios You Need to Know About

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Whether you're only in town for a New York minute and looking to squeeze in a sweat sesh or live in the Big Apple and are in search of ways to give your fitness routine a spring refresh, the 10 studios below are the latest ones to join the city's ever-expanding boutique fitness bubble.

Within this new class of exercise spots, you'll find some of the hottest and coolest (literally) workouts in the world. Chill out with a cold HIIT class at Brrrn—no doubt you'll feel it for days afterward. See what all the buzz is about at Shock Therapy, which uses electricity to super-charge its classes. Or, opt to turn up the heat at Y7—the hip-hop hot yoga studio is increasing its reach across the city this year. And if you've been hitting the gym hard all winter long, spots like ReCOVER and Nap York, which focus on giving your fatigued body some much-needed TLC, have got you.

Here's everything you need to know about the buzziest studios to open in NYC so far in 2018.

NYC new fitness studio openings
Photo: Brrrn

Brrrn (opening April 2018)

When it opens later this month, Brrrn will literally be the world's coolest boutique fitness studio. Its first-of-their-kind cool-temp classes are taught in a 45°F–60°F space. You can choose from a cool yoga-inspired movement series (think: your vinyasa class meets cryotherapy, except less intense), a core and cardio slide board class, or a battle rope-infused HIIT class. The research-driven concept behind Brrrn is that routine exposure to colder temps (AKA mild cold stress) paired with exercise can provide health benefits like increased calorie burn and faster healing. But if things get a little too chill for you after your workout, duck into the studio's group infrared sauna to thaw out.

107 W. 20th St., New York, NY, 10011,

NYC Spring 2018 boutique studio openings
Photo: DanceBody

DanceBody Nomad

After roving around the city teaching pop-up dance cardio and toning classes since 2013 (and opening a semi-permanent spot in Tribeca in 2017), founder Katia Pryce opened her flagship studio in NoMad in February. The natural light-filled, 1,000-square-foot space features changing rooms (no showers), cubbies, and mirrored walls to help you nail those new moves. DanceBody offers five different types of classes—from cardio to sculpting-only variations. There's a class for everyone from booty shaking newbies to the seasoned pro looking for a challenge.

1158 Broadway, 4th floor (entrance is East of Broadway on 27th St.), New York, NY, 10001,

New York City's newest fitness studios
Photo: Chris Comfort for ReCOVER

ReCOVER Studio

As NYC's first recovery-focused studio, ReCOVER offers a variety of forward-thinking and science-backed methods to help you feel restored and ready for your next challenge. Although you won't break a sweat in a workout class here, you can detox in an infrared sauna (equipped with a stereo system and Netflix), or take a next-level power nap with the NuCalm sleep system treatment. The studio is also equipped with other high-tech recovery experiences: Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning (CVAC) pod, which uses changes in air pressure to improve circulation and lower cortisol levels, compression therapy, and Fit3D, a type of body scanning technology that takes hundreds of full-body measurements to give you a 360-degree view of, well, you.

360 7th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001,

New York City's newest fitness studios
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Performix House

If you're looking for a chance to workout with some of the hottest trainers in NYC, you'll want to check out Performix House. Buzzy instructors like celeb-favorite SoulCycle instructor Akin Akman, and SLT alum and Be.Come Method creator Bethany Meyers are in rotation on the class schedule—as are Ashley Guarrasi from Rumble, Nike master trainer Traci Copeland, and Le Sweat creator Charlee Atkins. Expect a wide range of classes from cardio, to strength and conditioning, to stretching and a "members only" vibe. The gym is equipped with luxe amenities including showers, an infrared sauna, and a cryotherapy chamber.

80 5th Ave., New York, New York, 10011,

NYC studio openings


If the thought of dropping $35 on a single workout class makes you cringe, then you may be down with FitHouse. A membership gives you access to unlimited classes for $99 per month, at any location. (FitHouse plans to open 12 studios around the city by the end of the year.) Its first studio opened on the Bowery last month. With a membership, you'll have access to workouts in virtually every modality—including yoga, HIIT, and barre—with instructors coming from some of the hardest classes in the city, such as Tone House, Fhitting Room, and Y7.

276 Bowery, New York, NY 10012,

NYC Studio Openings
Photo: Instagram/@neoufitness

Neo U

In case you haven't heard, working out is the new going out. Case in point: The duo behind the Neo U fitness studio used to run a nightclub in Miami before venturing into the wellness world in NYC. The gym, which can best be described as a night club meets a Cross-Fit garage, holds a wide variety of classes in dynamic, interchangeable studio spaces. After your sweat sesh, stay to hang out at its full-service café, or block out extra time to chill in its locker rooms, which are equipped with spa-quality amenities.

420 5th Ave., New York, NY, 10018,

NYC boutique studio openings Spring 2018
Photo: Hit House

Hit House

It's easier than ever to try the model favorite workout Muay Thai boxing now that Hit House has opened in SoHo. And you don't have to be a pro to put on a pair of gloves, either. The studio promises that the kickboxing-cum-martial arts concept will be taught for people at all levels. But if you do happen to be a trained cage fighter, Hit House will have a class for you, too.

2 Spring St., New York, NY 10012,

NYC new studio openings
Photo: Chris Fanning

Shock Therapy

By far, one of the buzziest studios to open this year is Shock Therapy, a new electricity-enhanced fitness concept on New York's Upper East Side. Besides an intro class that teaches you the basics for the workout (which requires you to slip on a futuristic power suit), you can choose between three, 30-minute classes. The studio claims that the half-hour "Strength," "Metabolism," and "Challenge," classes are equivalent to a longer training session given the tech-powered workout suit. Even though you might save time during your actual workout, you'll want to get there early so you have time to suit up.

153 E 70th St., New York, NY 10021,

NYC new fitness studio openings
Photo: Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio (Bryant Park and Meatpacking)

Y7 is expanding (yet again) to the Meatpacking District and Bryant Park so you can get your hip-hop flow on if you need an escape from the crowds at Chelsea Market (a few blocks away from the Meatpacking location) or a sweaty break from meetings in Midtown. The Meatpacking studio has five changing rooms (but no shower) and a new yoga selfie wall, so you can document your best pose on Insta. If you're concerned about the shower situation, then head to the Bryant Park studio (which is Y7's 10th location, BTW) since it has five.

Meatpacking: 410 W. 14th St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10014 and Bryant Park: 54  W. 39th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018,

NYC new fitness studio openings
Photo: Instagram/@napyork

Nap York

Whenever that double-shot Americano—or afternoon run—just won't cut it, sometimes the only thing that'll bring you back to life is a nap. And now, you can swing into the dreamy wellness den that is Nap York to recharge. The studio is (yes, for napping), but also offers meditation and yoga classes. For $10, you can rent an eco-friendly nap pod with soundproof curtains, and there's also a wellness club that features a healthy café, and a peaceful work area with desks. No matter what you decide to do there, you can bet you'll walk out a lot less stressed than when you arrived.

480 7th Ave., New York, NY 10018,

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