If You Go on One Run in NYC, Make It This Trainer’s Scenic Go-to Route

Whether you're a tried-and-true New Yorker (dealing with the daily commute struggle) or a visitor wowed by the always-moving landscape, one thing is certain: New York City is really hectic.

So how do you clear your mind? Just go on foot—with this concrete-meets-water running route that fitness expert and trainer Olivia Amato swears by.

“This route is super calming and tranquil,” Amato says, who starts her mindful runs off in West Village. “It lets me zone out, release all the busy thoughts in my mind, relax, and be present.”

From quiet stretches to iconic city views (plus a quick burst of HIIT on stairs), it's basically therapy in workout form. Leave your phone at home—like Amato does—and go for as long as you want.

Just make sure you've got the supportive sneaks to keep up, like Amato's ASICS Kayano 25s (the comfy gel in the soles can handle everything from high-impact stair runs to miles of open road). “As long as I have the right shoes on, I can run forever,” says Amato. Lace up and go.

Peep Amato's full route in the interactive map above, and shop her look below.

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