Here’s What a Nutritionist *Really* Thinks About Oat Milk

Oat milk has officially replaced almond milk as everyone's favorite alt option. But is it good for you? Catch the verdict here.

As if you weren't already overwhelmed when choosing your alt milk du jour, there's a new favorite hitting the coffee shop circuit: oat milk. And it's having a major moment. In the past year, oat milk has gone from being sold in roughly 150 cafes in the U.S. to over 2,000. Everybody wants a taste—and even big brands like Silk and Califia have joined the game.

But does the latest alt-milk craze actually live up to the hype? Top dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, hilariously breaks it down in the newest episode of You Versus Food, Well+Good's YouTube series that gives you everything you need to know about popular food and drink trends. (Did you subscribe yet? Go ahead, we'll be here when you're done.)

If you're still over here all, what is oat milk?, Beckerman says the drink is basically made of oats that have been soaked in water and refrigerated overnight, blended, and strained. Yup, it's literally that simple. (However, many brands add things like sugar and canola oil, so read that label!)

One thing that makes oat milk stand out from other dairy alternatives is its creamy texture. "That's the higher carb count working its magic," says Beckerman. Don't let the C-word scare you away—Beckerman says they're the healthy, slow-digesting kind of carbs that can keep you feeling satisfied and energized for longer.

The drink is also full of fiber, thanks to those oats. One serving of popular brand Oatly, for example, has two grams of the stuff (about 7 percent of what you should be getting in a day). It generally also has more protein per serving compared to other plant-based milks,  Beckerman says—although nutritionally, she says cow's milk still reigns supreme.

For more on all things oat milk (including the 411 on phytic acid), be sure to watch the video above. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to find myself an oat milk latte.

In the previous episode of You Versus Food, Lockwood-Beckerman shares the dish on gluten. And if you're ready to hop on the oat milk train, keep this in mind while reading the label.

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