There Are 188,000 Oblique Workout Videos on Youtube—These 8 Are the Absolute Best

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By now, I feel like I have a full-on ab workout encyclopedia living inside my head. Whenever I need to work on my core, I just drop onto a mat and knock out some planks, sit ups, hollow holds, standing crunches—the list goes on. But when it comes to my obliques—AKA those side core muscles—my head draws a blank. All I can ever think of to do is bicycle crunches, which are standard and effective, but I'm looking to keep things interesting.

The best and quickest (and cheapest!!) way to find some workout inspiration? Hit up YouTube.

Scrolling through the video library, it's actually overwhelming how many oblique workouts there are that can get your side stomach burning. Depending on which you choose from for your sweat sesh du jour, they'll have you torquing your core, doing side weight exercises, balancing in a side plank, and an extensive variety of other creative and ab-quaking moves to get your oblique working just as hard as your middle abs do. So to balance out your core workouts—and let your side abs take center stage—keep scrolling for our eight favorite oblique workouts on YouTube.

1. Blogilates 20-Minute Waist Shaping Workout

You'll never twist and dip as much as you do in this ab-scorching workout that is literally 20 full minutes of oblique-targeted moves—including my personal fave, the side seals, which are killer. I was practically in tears by the time the workout was over and my abs were sore for days.


2. MadFit 10-Minute Intense Abs At Home

If you're looking to work your obliques in a pinch, this 10-minute option packs a punch. You'll do a variety of moves, from standing up to lying down (and planking!), and you only have to do each for 30 seconds at a time.


3. 10-Minute Oblique Workout

This other 10-minute option has fun exercises like "candlestick dippers" and the "accordion," which both keep things not boring—and your side core muscles on fire.


4. Redefining Strength 23 Oblique Workout Exercises

I've bookmarked this video, because it literally has 23 different moves you can do that all specifically target your oblique muscles. And I haven't heard of, like, two-thirds of them before in my life, so I can now switch up my ab workouts all the time.


5. FitnessBlender HIIT Workout for Abs and Obliques

Get in a full-body workout—cardio included—with this HIIT sesh that also leaves your abs and obliques shaking by the time you're done. It's 22 minutes of pure sweaty work.


6. eHow Fitness Oblique Exercise Machines

If you're looking to incorporate some weights into your ab work, you'll get four different moves you can do with the weights machines at your gym, which is handy.


7. LWR Fitness 5-Min At-Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercise Routine

Short on time? Grab a mat and knock out this quickie ab sesh that'll work your entire core, including those obliques. It's short but mighty and def gets the job done.


8. GymRa Best Standing Abs Workout

Multitask in this standing abs workout that works your abs, obliques, and improves your postural support since you're engaging more muscles while you stand up to bend side to side—the best bang for your buck.

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