Use Your Zodiac Sign’s One-Card Tarotscope To Make the Most of October

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If you're curious about why things have felt so intense, well, all year, but particularly now, blame the Full Harvest Moon in Aries during Libra season. In a recent Well+Good Instagram live with Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot reader, and co-host of Priestesses Prescribe, she revealed that we're a little energetically at war right now. "Libra and Aries are complete opposites in terms of the zodiac wheel: Aries is 'me,'" and Libra is 'we,'" says Caiola. "This is an energy around what can we do to work with this kind of tumultuous energy? And what can we do when we keep running up against opposition?" Well, do an October Tarotscope, of course.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Not sure what a tarotscope is? It's combining astrology with tarot, using the cards guidance based on your star sign. Caiola pulled a tarot card for each zodiac sign in order to diagnose the energy of the next two weeks under the rule of this moon. Because with this battle of fire energy (Aries) and air energy (Libra) can lead to some personal blockages.

"So what happens when you keep running up against a block," says Caiola. "Do you keep running into the block? Or do you sit back and say, 'maybe let me strategize a little bit and figure out like the right way to get through this blockage here.'"

Uh, the second one, please! Below, Caiola shares her October Tarotscope for each zodiac sign.

What your October Tarotscope means, according to astrologer Alex Caiola

Aries: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a truth-bearer whose setting out to deliver news. That means for you, Aries, this month is all about using your voice boldly. Tangled up with the airy nature of Libra season, that creates a fiery-airy energy, which is awesome, love to hear it...except, please pause if there's a chance you might get angry.

"The one thing I would say is that when you're delivering information, do take a beat," says Caiola. "Because given the hot nature of what's going on, there's a lot of hot air, you don't want to maybe say the first thing that comes to your mind because it could be angry."

So take some notes if you can, but if you find yourself in a heated argument, try to deliver your truth in a mindful way without flaring up and causing damage.

Taurus: The Magician Reversed

This Magician is an insanely powerful card and all about using your resources for better results. But with it all flipped, it reveals that Taurus isn't really optimizing that strong energy.

"This there's there is some Earth placements going on cosmically, actually Uranus is in Taurus right now," says Caiola. "That's the planet that rules unexpected change. Try to flip this around. To use this energy to your advantage, you do need to first recognize that you have a lot of power right now."

Because the thing about manifesting, though, is that you really have to believe that the good things that you're putting out into the universe and what you want to receive will come to you. It's all about trust.

"And the Taurus archetype sometimes has a little trouble with trust just because they're so practical, so trusting in the faith," says Caiola. "Trusting in the universe in powers, that remains to be seen is sometimes a little bit tough for them. So, you guys can use this to your advantage right now just recognize that you have this power."

Gemini: Two of Cups

"[Gemini has] the Two of Cups, they are meeting with others, and they're meeting with equals to get the job done," Caiola says. "So Gemini actually really loves to partner with people, they love to chat, they love to collaborate. So this is actually perfect for you, too; if you're working with your partner, if you're working with a partner in business, if you're working with one other person to get a particular project off the ground, this is really a great time to do it."

And don't worry about any stagnation that might come along with certain planetary movements, because you can still dialogue your cohorts and get things moving.

"Even though Mars is in retrograde right now what you can do is actually go back to a project that you want to start, and get that going right now because retrograde is all about revisiting things and re-examining what you maybe let sit in the past," says Caiola. "So this is perfect for you, Gemini, that should be pretty easy for you to do just gab and call your friend."

Cancer: Ten of Swords

"Cancers, you guys are dealing with most likely a big change that is potentially painful right now," says Caiola. "You guys feel a lot, you're a water sign, you guys have a lot of empathic abilities and so you can take on the weight of the world for sure. This is painful given like what we're going through in our world, but recognize that endings are really the chance to start something brand new."

Her advice is to try to reframe your mindset a little. If you Crabby Folk can reframe what you're going through as a positive and recognize what needs to end, it can be extremely freeing. "That door closing for good is going to allow the window or the other door to open, and also trust that you can move forward even though you had just gone through something painful," she says.

Leo: Ace of Swords

It hasn't been a particularly amazing year for Leos—or anyone, let's be real—but they're usually used to living a pretty charmed, queenly life. So all this [gestures broadly] might be hitting you a little harder than others. Don't despair yet, though!

"Ultimately, it all kind of ladders up for you to start this new brand new opportunity which I'm really excited for this is also an opportunity for you to for you to use your voice in a brand new way," says Caiola. "So whereas the Knight of Swords with Aries was all about delivering the truth that you already know to be there, Leos get a chance to have a brand new blank slate. So this is really a great opportunity for you to move forward."

Virgo: Nine of Cups

"The Nine of Cups is all about wishes being granted actually this is a really lucky card," says Caiola. "This is a card to say that what you've put in place thus far is coming back to you. With the Nine of Cups can often be the fruition of that, feels like things are rigged in your favor. So this energy is actually working out quite lovely for you."

So it's kind of a similar vibe to what's going on with Taurus, but you also might be plagued with doubt or overanalyze and not trust the situation at hand (just little Earth sign things!). Her advice? Just go with it.

"If this is good energy and you're feeling it, like just let that kind of roll," she says. "Don't think like, 'Oh my God, is this gonna end tomorrow?' I know that might be your tendency. Try not to do that.'"

Libra: Three of Cups, Reversed

"This is all about recognizing when you should tell your friends certain things, because they're definitely going to support you," says Caiola. "And when you should withhold or tell a different group of friends, because they might be a little bit more supportive or understanding."

For example, when Caiola struck with her own business idea so many people said she was crazy or asked if she was going to get a second job. And she just stopped telling them things, because you need to be with people who are going to be supportive and help you dream big.

"You need your cheerleaders, you need your support system," Caiola says. "And if they're not your current friend group, then seek that elsewhere. Like find a meetup group, or find an opportunity through Instagram or somewhere else online that has a group of like minded individuals that you can really benefit from their advice and their support."

Scorpio: Death Card, Reversed

Scorpio is actually ruled by the Death card, and although that the Death card can sound scary (like maybe not to a Scorpio, but to someone) it's really just about transformation. Scorpio is finding themselves radically evolving and transforming with this energy, and we truly need a transformation moment, especially in tune with the upcoming energy of Scorpio season.

"That's probably when you're going to start to experience the brand new like the push through of the daisy or what you know, whatever kind of died in the soil will push forward and spring forward," says Caiola. "I think in Scorpio season we're just kind of recognizing where you're at, taking stock and understanding that you're in a totally different place than you were last year and and look you will be next year as well."

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles, Reversed

"You cannot spread yourself too thin, we need you, we need everybody to be in the game as best as possible," says Caiola. "Okay, so if you are feeling really spread thin right now what can you add to it? What can you take away? What can you reinvest and double down into one thing?"

To wit, Sagittarius is working so hard that they have a multi-tasking problem, using that always-in-motion mutable sign movement in haphazard directions. "Productivity is actually not it's not beneficial to growth," says Caiola. "But the ability to just focus on one thing means you'll actually get it done versus focusing on too many things at once."

Capricorn: Three of Cups, Reversed

Caps are kind of having an existential moment right now, and there's a big reason why: we have ton of outer planets in Capricorn, including Saturn, planet of challenges. The good news is that with Saturn going back into Aquarius December 17, you might have this feeling of, "Well, it's almost FINALLY over." So now what?

"Think about what will life be like when it settles, what do you have on the horizon," Caiola says. "You guys are planners, I'm really not worried about you, you probably have like a business that you're running. Go around that, and in this existential moment, it's a really good time for you to reflect. How are you feeling right now? How are you feeling with all of this change? And how are you feeling about the future, maybe write it down. Given its Libra season, it's a really good time to communicate this stuff instead of letting it fester."

Aquarius: Knight of Cups

Aquarians are kind of going through an emotional moment right now, which is kind of out of character. This air sign is usually great at looking at everything from above, negotiating what systems, societies and friends need in order to progress. But right now they're kind of feeling emotionally wonky, moody and difficult to control.

"This might be the time also to just take a step back and realize, are you on a hamster wheel," Caiola says. "Are you throwing yourself into things without thinking about like, why you're doing it? You need the 'why.' You understand the 'why.' So just take an understanding, take a step back and look at 'Why am I doing all these things, and why am I feeling so like out of sorts.'"

If you're looking for a way to investigate, she advises you start writing your dreams; it'll help you peer into your psyche and see what's really going on.

Pisces: Six of Cups, Reversed

Finally, the Six of Cups is a nostalgic card, so right now you to think about what makes you sentimental. Maybe you yearn for the past fondly, maybe you're homesick and want to return back to your old stomping grounds, or maybe you need to establish your current situation because you feel disconnected from it.

"If that's so, then you really need to figure out where it is that you feel home, and how you can create that in your current environment if it's not possible for you to travel, or if it's not possible for you to call home or something like that," Caiola says. "I want to be empathetic to those who may not have a real strong connection to their home right now, but that means you can create your family."

Consider these concepts, because it can be a wonderful experience to create or recreate the environment that truly nurtures you.

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