Target Is Now Stocking a $12 Shampoo That We’d Pay Well Over Double for, TBH

Photo: Odele
Even though the drugstore beauty aisle has gotten a serious upgrade over the past couple of years, stocking dermatologist-backed, better-for-your-skin options, the hair selection has been slower to change. Last year, Herbal Essences partnered with the EWG to launch a truly game-changing clean shampoo. And now, Odele, a brand-new clean hair-care brand making its debut at Target today, is here to chic the whole category up a bit.

One look at the brand and you'll fall in love, but you'll stay in love thanks to the minimally-scented, hair-nourishing formulas that make the wash-and-go a cinch. And not to bury the lede, but everything in the line is $12. "Odele was born out of a want (slash need) for a high-quality, clean formula that didn't break the bank, and of course, we wanted it to be chic and something you're proud to display," says co-founder Lindsay Holden. Her goal with Odele? To create a product "that met our high expectations for performance, but we felt good about sharing with those who shared our showers," she says.

Photo: Odele

Within Odele's line are there are three different shampoo-conditioner collections, each meant to either volumize, smooth, or help define curls. Out of the shower, there are also three stylers: an air-dry crème, a leave-in conditioner, and a texturizing salt spray. While the line is relatively edited, from what we've tested, the products are able to achieve results on their own, so you don't have to layer them the way you might have to with other products.

"Historically we've been trained to find our best and highest quality items in salons, but I think expectations are shifting for the drugstore and mass market," says Holden. Co-founder Britta Chatterjee adds that indie brands are shaking up the landscape, and retailers like Target are leaning into this opportunity to bring their consumers this new generation of goods. "So the old rules of mass versus high-end don't universally apply... and hoorah for that," she says. Amen. The drugstore hair-care world is about to rival salon products, and it's about time.

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