Old Navy’s $1 Flip Flops Are the Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Shoe Collection

Photo: Stocksy/Audrey Shtecinjo
Throughout your life, relationships come and go—especially the ones with the items in your wardrobe. My flared black leggings featuring a bedazzled "PINK" logo on the behind are no longer part of my collection, and my once-beloved light-up sneakers were retired long ago. But one item that's remained a constant in my life since day one? Old Navy's $1 flip flops.

Old Navy's flip flops are the gift that keep on giving. When the brand's $1 Flip Flop Sale first started back in 2005, they were paired with velour tracksuits and denim capris in high school hallways from coast to coast. And my love has never wavered all these years later. I have a pair in my gym bag that allows me to shower after my workout bacteria-free, pairs designated for trucking down sandy beaches in search of the perfect spot, and pairs that grace my feet at the grocery store.

No matter what I'm doing, these $1 flip flops have never let me down. I don't wind up with blisters between my toes five minutes after wearing them—or ever. And starting Friday for Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap cardholders (and Saturday for everyone else!), the $1 Dolla Balla Flip Flop sale is back, letting you score flip flops in every color of the rainbow for the amount of change you can find hiding beneath your couch cushions.

You can pick up a maximum of 10 pairs per transaction in-store or five pairs online, letting you restock for the next 365 days and beyond. Now does anyone really need to buy 15 new pairs of flip flops? No. But is it tempting when the comfy foam cushion has literally been blessed by the footwear gods? Duh. Here are the best styles to add to your shopping cart.

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