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This Bottle of ‘Liquid Sunshine’ Makes It Easy To Fake a Subtle Tan Without Stepping Foot Outside

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I'm an indoorsy person. I like watching TV shows seasons at a time, reading, and simply luxuriating in pajamas. When I work out, it's inside—I have my go-to yoga studio and a mini gym in my guest bedroom. The only time I really spend outside is walking my dogs, and I make sure to bathe myself in SPF and throw on a baseball cap. As someone with a light complexion and freckles, moles, and birthmarks all over (I joke with friends that they could take a pen and draw constellations on my body), I'm not a big fan of the sun.

All of this is to say that I'm so pale, some body parts are practically see-through (pretty much everywhere except for my face and arms). So when I have a beach-y vacation on the horizon or just brunch at a restaurant with outside seating, I apply some tinted body oil from Olio-E-Osso that gives me a little glow.


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Olio-E-Osso Lustero Glow Body Oil ($38) is described as "liquid sunshine," because it is. It's a hydrating oil you apply all over, giving your skin a bit of subtle warmth—similar to what you might have on Day 2 of a tropical vacation. You're not all-over bronzed, so don't expect that. It's more of a dewy, lit-from-within glow that's pretty, and personally makes me feel more confident when I wear shorts and tanks.

Best of all? The oil is plant-based, and hand-poured in small batches. The main ingredients are olive oil, cedarwood oil, and bergamot oil, plus a very slight coloring (the formulation is orange, but when you rub the oil in, you will not be orange, I promise), thanks to some iron oxide.

I'll apply this stuff before I leave my house, and it'll last for hours (just not if you're going for a swim, as it'll probably wash right off). The fragrance is definitely on the earthy side, but I'm personally into it (it reminds me of the spa). Olio-E-Osso shoppers give it two thumbs up, with one customer saying, "I keep this in my kit for photoshoots, recommend it to clients who want a little color on their arms or legs, and use it myself on those cold winter days when a little extra glow is just the thing to lift my mood. It soaks in and moisturizes with a subtle bronzing effect. An Olio must have!"

One person writes, "Summer shimmer throughout the year!" And it really is.

Even though real-life summer is on its way, I'm still going to be indoorsy. Some things just don't change. Luckily, I have this bottle of sunshine to give my skin a brightening boost whenever I need to fake it.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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