This Is the First Thing Olivia Culpo Does When She Gets on a Plane

Photo: Instagram/@oliviaculpo

Model, actress, and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has a few foolproof ways to keep herself healthy while globetrotting—which happens a lot these days.

Whether she’s jetsetting to Verona, hanging out in the desert at Coachella, or strolling the streets of Paris, Culpo always prioritizes getting proper rest.

"I feel like my secret to avoiding really groggy days is just sleeping on any plane I can."

“I feel like my secret to avoiding really groggy days is just sleeping on any plane I can,” Culpo shared last night at the launch of Timex's new women's collection—she's the face of the watchmaker's Crystal Bloom collection. “As soon as I get on the seat, I just sleep.”

Drinking as much water as possible, as well as pausing to meditate, are two more habits Culpo makes sure to incorporate into her travel lifestyle.

“I also like to try to juice and stay away from too many processed meats or anything when I’m traveling a lot, too,” she says. “I feel like the more colorful your food is, the better it is for you.”

Need to up how much H2O you guzzle? Purchase a stylish water bottle as extra encouragement. Apps like Gulps and Hydrate Daily can also help you keep track of your water intake.

And if you're struggling with restful sleep while traveling? Here's how to sleep on a plane—even in coach. You might miss out on the in-flight film, but you'll feel *so* much better when you reach your final destination. 

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