You Won’t Believe How Many Miles This Olympian Runs on Her “Easy” Days

Welcome to Wellness Confidential, our quick-fire interview series where we ask hard-hitting (okay, entertaining) wellness questions, lightning round-style. 

And right now, we’re gearing up for the Summer Olympics by quizzing some of the coolest, strongest, and most athletic people we know: Team USA contenders. This week we’re chatting with track and field superstar Emma Coburn.

My typical day of training

Some days I run 15 miles, lift weights, and rehab. Other days are shorter, just eight miles easy and that's it. It's nice to have variety in the week: workouts, long runs, easy runs.

The best way to relieve my super sore muscles

I try to get a massage once or twice a week. I like to supplement by using Norma Tec recovery boots, Roll Recovery roller, and lots and lots of water—a gallon a day!

The best way to get psyched up for a race

I like to visualize the race and think of the previous workouts or races I've done to prepare me. I don't like to get too pumped up; I stay as relaxed and calm as possible.

One thing only my teammates know about me

I'm bribed easily with food—always up for brunch. Always!

Favorite protein-packed lunch hack

Adding protein powder to a smoothie, or tacos with a poached egg on top or scrambled eggs. I eat three to four eggs a day.

Favorite healthy snack

Carrots dipped in spicy buffalo wing sauce. The sauce isn't a "health food," but I still love it.

Advice I’d give my teenage self

Learn to embrace running, you will love it eventually! It took me a long time in high school to learn how to love running. It hurts, it's hard, but now it's my life.

I firmly believe a girl can never have too many

Sneakers. I have so many New Balance lifestyle shoes, I love them!

The one place I’d never wear leggings

I live in Boulder, CO, so everyone wears workout clothes and leggings everywhere. I guess I wouldn't wear leggings to a fancy date. Or to a meeting. But that's about it.

My most memorable sweaty moment

My most memorable sweaty run was when I was running in Wisconsin in August and was not used to the humidity. In the middle of the long run I was suffering and sweaty, and I saw a Slip N Slide being used by some kids. I grabbed the hose and hosed down. Then kept running. It was a "drive-by hose-off."

To learn more about all Olympic hopefuls, visit The Rio 2016 Olympic Games begin August 5.

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