5 Gimmick-Free Online Courses You Can Take From Harvard Health, Financial Experts, Sleep Doctors, and More

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With the decade coming to a close, we're collectively moving into "get it done" mode. While the pressure to keep a New Year's resolution can feel overwhelming, there's something to be said about the promise of a fresh start. January is the adult version of back-to-school, a time to think about who you want to be in the coming year, and what will help you get there. To that end, whatever your wellness goal for 2020 is, chances are that a few online courses might help you get there.

On January 1, Well+Good launches its own program: (Re)New Year—a 28-day challenge that includes tips for healthy eating, working out, mental wellbeing, and financial wellness. And we're certainly not the only one offering tips to help you reach your wellness goals.

The best online courses for the new year, taught by experts in their field

1. for eating healthier

Harvard Health is offering a six-week online course focused solely on healthy eating—with no gimmicks that will have feeling defeated come February. Class-takers will learn seven practical, science-backed steps for phasing out unhealthy foods and replacing them with nourishing ones that are as delicious as they are good for you. You'll also learn plenty of recipes along the way so you can try your newly learned tips first-hand.

2. for helping others

Maybe you feel you're already in a pretty good place wellness-wise and you want to help others take control of their health. If so, becoming a certified holistic health coach could be a good fit for you. One certification you can do completely online and on your own time is with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Some of the wellness all-stars who are graduates include Gabrielle Bernstein, Clean Market founder Lily Kunin, Sakara Life co-founder Danielle DuBoise, and Y7 co-founder Sarah Levy. You'll learn both diet and lifestyle changes that will make a lasting impact on overall wellbeing, as well as learn how to launch your own health coaching business.

3. for financial stability

Money anxiety is real, and the only way to put an end to it is to start taking control. If you have no idea where to start, Udemy's (free!) online course can help you get there. Over the course of 18 lectures, you'll learn everything from how to budget (like actually), grow your savings, and start focusing on big goals, like buying a house.

4. For better sleep

Not getting enough sleep can throw your whole body out of whack, says best-selling author and functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, MD. That's why he created an eight-part online sleep course, which shows how everything from gut health to stress and hormones can keep you up. He shares how to give your body a reset, resulting in better, consistent sleep.

5. for improved fitness

Like many of Harvard Health's online courses, Starting to Exercise gets back to basics. But anyone looking to renew their fitness routine will find value in the program. It highlights forty-one exercises that together will propel you forward to achieve greater overall fitness.

If you've always wanted to be a yogi, here's where to begin:

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