8 Online Grilling Classes That’ll Make You a Backyard Barbecue Chef Before the Weekend

Grilling seems easy, but there's a science to it. While you can totally just load up the grill and cook your food without a second thought, taking the time to learn the techniques can completely change the taste and texture of what's on your plate.

Whether you're grilling for yourself or want to impress your friends and family, some of the world's top chefs and pitmasters have shared their secrets online—and you can access all of them with online grilling classes.

The best online grilling classes to take this summer

1. Aaron Franklin's Texas-Style BBQ MasterClass

This is probably the most well-known online grilling class ever created. Pitmaster Aaron Franklin—the James Beard Award-winning owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, TX—shares his secrets to making Texas-style barbecue.

Cost: $15/month for full MasterClass access

2. America's Test Kitchen: Introduction to Grilling

This class is a true intro to grilling. It goes over the basics of grilling, how to cook with both gas and charcoal grills, and tips on how to prepare perfectly-grilled food.

Cost: $40 for a yearly membership

3. Wicked Health's Vegan Texas-Style BBQ Class

There's no meat required in this grilling class that teaches you how to make a vegan brisket with seitan. Chef Chad Sarno, who's also the co-founder of Good Catch Foods, says you'll be able to get the "look, smoky smell, and amazing flavor of proper Texas BBQ" using only plant-based ingredients.

Cost: Free

4. BBQ Champs Academy

BBQ Champs Academy is a virtual barbecue cooking school that teaches you competition grilling secrets from grand champion pitmasters all over the world. Aside from learning the techniques, you'll also get the recipes to try for yourself.

Cost: Individual classes for $8 each, or class packages starting at $100

5. Jamie Oliver's MasterClass on BBQ Vegetables

Leave it to British chef Jamie Oliver to give you a masterclass on how to barbecue vegetables in three minutes. While it's a quickie, you'll learn a lot—and knowing this new knowledge will make you want to add grilled veggies to every meal.

Cost: Free

6. Skillshare Grilling Fundamentals Class

This grilling fundamentals class from Skillshare is led by Zakary Pelaccio, a 2016 James Beard Winner for "Best Chef in the Northwest." In the class, he goes through everything from building your fire to proper seasonings.

Cost: $99 for a yearly membership

7. The Culinary Institute of America: How to Master Outdoor Cooking

This online workshop from the Culinary Institute of America has detailed demonstrations, techniques, and recipes that will get you comfortable using a grill and cooking over fire.

Cost: Free with trial, $20/month with membership

8. Top Chef University: Principles of Grilling

The Top Chef University app teaches you numerous different cooking techniques—grilling, included. The lessons go over how to grill everything from seafood to veggies, and they're all taught by some of the most successful Top Chef contestants.

Cost: Free

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