Hear Me Out: These Recovery Sandals Aren’t That Cute, But Wow, Are They *So* Comfy

Photo: Oofos
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It's no secret the more comfortable and better for you a shoe is, the less cute it tends to be. I mean, I know very few podiatrists who would sign off on a 6-inch stilettos as their No. 1 foot-friendly choice. (No, Iggy Azalea, I will not "walk a mile in these Louboutins.") Now, chunky clogs? An orthopedic sandal? The polarizing Croc? These are arguably less sexy and stylish, sure, but they're definitely kinder to your tender feet and ankles.

So, please keep this in mind when I introduce you to my feet's newest friend, the Oofos Oocandoo Sandal ($100), which, yeah, definitely isn't the cutest shoe in my closet, but is by far the most comfortable.

Oofos, Oocando Sandal — $100.00

Available sizes: Women’s 6-15

Comes in black, as well as black/pink and black/royal blue, although those colorways have already sold out.

Oofos is known for its ridiculously cushioned recovery shoes that are like little mattresses for your feet. They're made with a proprietary footbed that reportedly absorbs 37 percent more shock with every step, giving tender toes and arches a much-needed break from unforgiving surfaces. This mega-cushion ultimately reduces stress on your joints from the feet up, alleviating strain on your knees, hips, and back. You don't need a DPM to know Louboutins cannot do that.

As for the Oocandoo Sandal, it's one of the brand's newest styles, and it happens to be my new, go-to outdoor and travel shoe. It's a closed-toe and closed-back sandal, designed with a velcro hook-and-loop fastener that makes them easy to slide on and off as you please. Even though they're a shoe, they're as feather-light as the brand's original recovery flip-flops and feature cutouts for breathability and waterproofness in the outdoors.

And yes, I'll say it: They're not cute. Candidly, dear reader, they're pretty darn ugly. But you know what? They're comfy as hell. And at this point in my life, I'll take function over fashion any day of the week.

Don't judge a book by its cover—these sandals rock.

As someone who over pronates pretty severely, finding a supportive, functional sandal isn't easy. And, since my feet are so narrow, finding a style that actually stays in place and doesn't slide around while I'm on the go is even more challenging. That's what I love about the Oofos Oocandoo—that proprietary foam footbed is heavenly on my feet, and gives my arches plenty of support as I stride. And, since they're closed back, they stay put once Velcro'd on. I don't have to worry about rubbing or blistering—I can wander worry-free.

Which is exactly what I do. I've worn my Oocandoo sandals on afternoon hikes in rivers and across creeks, on walks around the neighborhood with my dog, and on our boat when I want a shoe that can get wet but has traction control. I've worn them across rivers, roots, and rocks, up and down hills, and through puddles and muddy parking lots. Their closed-cell foam design allows them to shed water and sweat almost instantly, and is super easy to clean when they do get dirty. (Fun fact: They're machine washable, so if they really need a good scrubbing, you can pop 'em in the wash.)

Are my Oofos Oocandoo sandals my trendiest, hot girl shoes? Absolutely not. Are they my most reliable shoe I can wear almost anywhere without getting any pain or discomfort? Sure are. And that is worth way more than any pair of red bottom high heels, IMHO. Treat your feet with your own Oofos sandals here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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